Custom glass bottles-from concept to commercial product

We develop a custom design bottle taking advatange of innovation ability and technical execution. Effective communication, proven manufacturing process will meet and exceed customers' satisfaction.


A custom glass bottle can be unique craft. In liquor bottle and cosmetic glass bottle sectors, majority clients love to develop customised glass bottle to strengthen the brand. 70 cl bottle, Flint color, sleek wall, thick bottle, long neck, embossed logo add elements to display purity and luxury image.

Customization includes development custom shaped glass bottle and decoration.

Custom glass bottle process

Draft glass bottle design

The first step is to colloct ideas of custom glass bottle identifitcation which can be based on a real glass bottle, draft idea and drawing from a design stodio.

Custom glass bottle drawing

Our sales person and technical team transfer the concept to a drawing listing main measurement like the capacity, the height, dimeter, closure and others,

Making cutom glass bottle molds

In-house mold factory will prove the material and quality arrance of the mold. We have flexibility to produce, maintainer the mold for custom glass bottles. Molds are the key point for produce.

Setup customized bottle samples

Arrange sample setup production and post the physical custom glass bottle for your approval.

Our self-owned factory will give your fast delivery on samples.

Manufacturing custom bottles

Proceeding mass production of a custom glass bottle is the same as manufacturing an existing mold glass bottles. All needed are expertise, quality control, well-equipped plant.

Decoration and packaging

Decoration on the surface of glass bottle can help you stand out on the shelf. Full printing, decal, silk-screen printing, frosting, all items bear a unique message of design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why need a custom glass bottle?

A custom glass bottle can help to enlarge the marketing. A great design can be your business competitive advantage. the first thing people notice the beverage drinks on the shelf perhaps not the inside ingredients but the shape and appearance of the bottle.

Which sectors need custom glass bottles

High end packaging like liquor spirit sector need custom glass bottles also premium perfume and cosmetic glass packaging. We wholesale 5000+ stocked style glass bottles and glass jars for milk, juice, oil and water. Logo printing always available.

Where to buy a cutom glass bottle

From China you can buy flint custom glass bottle to fulfill your project. To be an intelligent sourcer, please contact us for new extraordianry shaped glass bottles. We offer one-stop shop for development, production, decoration and closure.

How to develop a custom glass bottle

The key points for development custom glass bottles are design ability, effective communication with customers and quality control every process. Knowing how to make defects free and keep perfect appearance to stand out on the shelf.

MOQ for a custom glass bottle

Moq is 50,000pcs for less than 100ml capacity
Moq is 30,000pcs for clear glass bottle capacity 250ml plus.
Moq is 12,000pcs for flint glass bottle capacity 70 cl bottle, 750 ml bottle. 
The price will be effective when ordering full container's loading.

Why us to proceed your project

Buy custom glass bottle and get partnership. We are expertise in glass bottle manufacture industry for over 20 years. Custom satisfaction is our priority. Expertise, experience, quality and service are main concepts. Your forcast is our promise.

Free quote, Free design

You pour your love to make liquor, we pour your liquor to our custom glass bottles.

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