research & development

MC Glass Company's target is the contribution to the community by continuing to invest the research and development division for better glass bottle manufacturing and supply

Pioneer new technology and knowledge

Taking responsibility for our production actions, by intergrating more and more recycled glass into our productions. In addition, optimize cullet combination without loss of the quality, taking into account the glass bottle's functionality, color, texture and shapes to meet the requirement both the big brands we supply and our niche customers. Throughout glass bottle design, process and packaging solution to explore possibility and pursue breakthroughs providing better products exceeding client's expectation.

Looking to the future of packaging

Continual improvement and investment programs are delivering superior products, which lead to
1. raw material reduction.
2. reducing energy consumption to achieve energy effiency.
3. lightweighted glass bottle feature in the general sale range, saving storage and transport cost, guanantee sustainability.
4. distinct innovative packaging develop an exceptioanl look and compaign for your product.
5. highly marketable glass bottle with design enhance client's branding.
So, research and development is at heart, is a process and our commitment for future packaging solutions.

Provide professional solution on glass bottle packaging and purchase