MC Glass Bottle is your most reliable glass milk bottle manufacturer, wholesale glass milk bottles and glass bottle supplier.

Glass is odorless and flavorless. Everything tastes better in glass bottle. Packaging milk in glass container gives a look and feel of extra quality. Glass milk bottle are more substantial with a vintage style. Our glass milk bottles are capable to make the milk taste better, transfer your brand aesthetic, and environmental concern to the customers.

The traditional style glass milk container is round with lug cap. The size can be 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml. We also offer 1L square round glass milk bottle with wide mouth and screw metal cap. The vintage glass milk bottle shape is also reliable for packaging cooking sauces, infused oils, and salad dressings. While custom glass bottles with embossed logo can fulfill your market strategy.

The metal twist off lids is a superior finish and wide mouth makes glass milk bottles ideal for thick smoothies, milkshakes, fruit, and vegetable juices also. Because glass milk bottles are impermeable completely safe, recyclable and preserve flavor, it is the best container to package your premium milk.