Bottle Manufacturing

From natural ingredients through MC Glass bottle making process, we take shape glass packaging using advanced equipments, expertise and high quality standard to streamline manufacturing process and save the real costs

Professional Glass Bottle Manufactures from China

Inside MC Bottle glass making factory, we combine all natural raw material elements with cullet adding fire output pure glass vessels.

Qualified glass bottles are delivered to food, beverage, perfumery and pharmaceutical manufactures for filling. Bottled containers are on shelf in shop, after consuming, empty bottles are collected changing to cullet for next processing.

That is the recyling circle.

liquor bottle
custom glass bottles

step by step

Manufacture process

Through plant equipments, raw material mixing station, furnace, refiner, forehearth, feeder, forming machine and aneealing lehr, a glass bottle is made.

A molten glass drop turns into beautiful glass container, we fulfill quality control throughout.

Combining Step 1
Melting Step 2
Cutting Step 3
Forming Step 4
Annealing Step 5
Inspection Step 6
Packing Step 7

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Cullet proportion to be mixed in the batch influences the transparency and color of glass, also the purity of silica sand does.

Cobalt need to be added in to the clear glass during production to make original blue color without paint or film. Cobalt is rare material and expensive used in manufacturing. Also not so many factories produce true blue glass bottles.

The glass bottle factory will operate and keep making process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since the furnace need to keep burning all times. Shutting down can cause fire resistant blocks to break.

We catagory the quality defects as critical, major defects and minor. During glass bottle manufacturing process, corrective actions should be taken to meet high standard level make bottle defects free. Read our blog to explore more.