As glass jar manufacturer, MC glass wholesale honey jars. We supply honey jar products various sizes. Our expertise is glass and plastic manufacturing aligns needs in durability, quality and visual appeal, as the key factors that contribute to overall presentation of products offering customization options, such as logo printing or unique jar shapes.

Organic honey is rare and offer health benefits. Store honey in durable glass jar with airtight cap is for best shelf stability. Discovering wide selection honey glass jar, honey bears, round, square, traditional hexagonal shape.  The lid is tin material screwed or twist off types. We also offer bee belly shape and diamond shape glass honey jar with wood caps. We are custom glass jar manufacturer, from concept, design, production, and delivery to the shelf. Find the perfect honey bears to replace plastic honey jars.

Buying bulk order honey and jam glass jar and source glass jar wholesale in China, MC Glass provide better price and super-fast delivery time.