Wide mouth mason jar 22oz 24oz for milk tea juice tea. Cap with boba hole and plug, 12mm stainless stee boba straw available.

200ml 25ml 300ml  500ml 1000ml  milk glass bottles in stock. Custom printings available       

French square juice glass bottles 8oz 10oz 12oz 16oz in stock, sealed with metal and plastic caps, custom printings available

Flask coffee brew glass bottles, 100ml 200ml 250ml 350ml 500ml  sizes, custom logo printings available       

Beer brewery glass bottles in Amber, clear, green and blue colors, various sizes, custom printings available.                                                            

Custom colored glass vodka bottles with custom printings, various bottle sizes in stock. Custom mold bottles accepted

Swing top glass bottles for craft beer, beverages, 250ml 330ml 500ml 750ml and 1 Liter, your logo printings available                                                                                                                                                                     

Nordic round vodka glass bottles, 100ml 200ml 375ml 500ml 750ml and 1 Liter in stock. 

Boston round juice glass bottles 250ml 500ml and 1 Liter in stock, custom printings available

Amber pharmaceutical glass bottles for capsules, pills and tablets. Various sizes for your options

Amber or clear glass bottles with pump triggers, used for soap lotion cleaning wash

Pharmaceutical glass bottles for syrup drinks, coffee brews. 30ml 60ml 100ml 125ml 150ml 200ml 250ml 300ml 350ml 500ml.

Our mission and goal

Our mission is to streamline the supply chain of glass bottles and glass jars package.

Our goal is to provide one stop package solution for clients. We have enough stocked shape glass bottle and jars ready for delivery. We also offer a new design glass bottle to shine your brands. We provide frosting, screen printing, decal, metallic printing, and full printing of glass bottle. From the art drawing to a real physical glass bottle to your hand, we commit to design, production, decoration, and logistic service.

Our business model is to design, manufacture, store, sourcing the right lids and accessories for our clients. We can save client’s time and funds to choose the right package way from wide range of pre-designed products based on the marketing trend. We will make it easy from workshop, importing, logistics the whole supply chain then passes the glass bottles to our clients.


Wide range category glass bottle and glass jar

The main clients are bubble tea house, coffee bar, Kombucha maker, juice maker, olive oil wholesaler and stylish beer maker.​

Low MOQ and fast delivery

For some shape and size, we always have stock, so we can accept low MOQ like one pallet or two pallets’ loading quantity. And we can provide fast delivery within 7 days.

Customer shape, size and surface printing

We can make new style bottle by opening new mold. The surface of bottle includes color printing, decal, frosted, make label sticker.

One-stop package solution providing door to door s

We can provide one-stop package solution for clients including glass bottles, the caps, label stickers, gift box and also logistic service.

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