Empty water glass bottle manufacture, custom print water bottle wholesale in China.

We offer huge range of water glass bottles, from shapes such as round, square, triange shaped, and various sizes, mini from 150ml to largest 32oz capacity, different caps available, like colorful plastic caps, luxury Bamboo caps, air-tight swing top bottles, also tamper evident caps if needed. There are BPA-free and FDA-approved options as well.

Aside from economic food-grade glass water bottles, we have luxury Borosilicate glass water bottles for your choices, sealed by natural Bamboo caps.

Myeasyglass.com, always stands together with our clients. We do customised prints on bottles surface, label stickers, colored glass bottles, to promote your brands, enlarge your business, attract more consumers.

If you are looking water bottles not on list, please contact us today! We can do custom mold water bottles for you.

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