We act in a socially responsible manner, putting our values into practice to manufacture sustainable glass packaging and making contribution to the environment.

Glass packaging protects both the content and the consumers

We take responsibility for our own activities, influence upstream sourcing as well as downstrem endusers


Raw material Purchasing

We buy raw material locally, reducing ingredients transportation as a result reducing carbon emissions and contribute to climate protection.
Increase cullet input during glass manufacturing process.

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Production process

We use clear energy liquid natural gas to reduce our emissions and low carbon footprint.
Avoiding hazadous substaces such as heavy metals like lead to safeguard the healthy of consumers.

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Protect our employees

We improve sustainable performance for people, training employees to avoid risks.
Manufacturing glass bottle industry involves cutting risks, using heavy machinery like IS machines, working under noise and high temperatures. Highly trained skilled workers know how to protect.

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Encourge consumers use more glass

We encourage consumers dispose and sort their waste properly to achieve the circuclar economy.
Most importantly, our designers help clients to develop more outstanding glass packing appealing consumers to use more glass containers.


Glass bottle recycling

Cullet and raw materials go into glass manufacturing facilities, after filling by clients, the products are in shop for consumption. After collection, empty bottle run glass recovery process and change into cullet.

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Sustainability will lead us go further into the future