Custom Glass bottle manufacturer

With competitive costs, MC Glass factory manufacture custom glass bottles jars with high quality standard for liquor, oil , water, perfume and pharma industry.

We will be realible to supply glass bottle in variety color, shapes and sizes with high quality consistency

We offer around 3,000 shapes different glass bottle and glass  jars. We develop custom glass bottles on request.

Why choose Glass

Glass is natural and neutural. Glass material is safe to protect inside food and beverage, pharmaceutical, spirit and cosmetic.

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inert and natural material

Glass is inert materail. 100% natural ingridents are combined to shape glass bottles. Glass is flavour neutrality, does not react with the contents. Those features are essential for pharmaceutical industry and madicines.
The color of glass bottles can be original amber, blue and green, which is suitable for some contents light sensetive.

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functional safety

Glass is impermeable and most stable materail to package food and drinks. There is no risk of harmful chemicals getting into the food or beverage. So, it is safe for content itself and good for consumer's health.
Glass bottles and glass jars are widely used for packaging milk, juice, Olive oil, water, coffee, milk tea, jam, honey and others.

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Endless recycled

Glass is a sustainable packaging choice. Glass bottles are infinitely recyclable, reusable and refillable without compromising the quality or purity. Glass recyling is closed loop system, witout creating additional by-products. Cullets can be directly used for next batch manufacturing.

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Asthetically pleasing

Glass color super flint with crystal appearance. Bottle art designers can inject humanity into the identity, making health brands feel more approachable. Glass bottles look great, suitable for spirit, liquor and perfumery industry. Choosing glass bottle package leads to better selling and deliver sustaible brand.

Manufacturing glass Bottle all shape

We manufacture glass bottle and glass jar covering all shape, different size, widely selection of closure and different color specturm.

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Glass bottle shape normally is round or square or something between. We add persional elements like triangle, disc shape, heart, diamond shape or others.
To design a bespoke shape glass bottle you need to consider what is the main client of the cusomer, which label you prefer and where they will put the bottles after buying.

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Glass bottles, jars and containers are available in many sizes. For different catagories, extensive series are in stock. Regarding beer bottle, 250ml, 330ml, 500ml and 640ml are popular. For Olive oil bottle, 250ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1 liter. For liquor bottle, 375ml, 500ml and 750ml are best buy. Boston round bottle cover 8oz, 16oz and 32oz. Mini sized bottles are avaiblable.

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Glass bottle colors are amber, cobalt blue, black, green beside transparent and super flint color.
Spraying color can be customised from your color specturm.

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Closure, cap, lids, cork

The closure of glass bottle and jars are various, like cork, tin lids, Aluminium cap with inner pourer, glass material caps, screw plastic cap or tamper evident plastic caps.

Advantages of sourcing from glass bottle manufacturers

we offer one-stop packaging solution including glass bottle design, manufacture, bottle art and craft design painting, wholesale standard bottles supporting small order in bulk with last miniute delivery.

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Glass bottle design

A unique glass bottle will carry your brand value, delivery your brand power, which leads to superior financial returns. We will accompany you to design a recognizable bottle in the design of shape, the choice of colors, the embossing logo or excellent closure and provide a feasible technical solution.

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Fast delivery existing style bottles

Vast majority of glass bottle for packaging is stock style, not custom shaped. Mason jars, straight-sided jars, Boston round bottle, long necked bottles (woozy bottle), sauce bottles, Nordic style liquor bottle, French square bottle, marasca, dorica oil bottle, we have extensive inventoy so support fast delivery.

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Effective price

Taking advantange of decreasing energy use, flexible operation of production lines, directly buy from self-owned factory, you can get better soucing experience on price transparency, fast production turn-around.

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Value-added service

Working with your glass bottle designer, transferring your artistic feeling on glass bottle design with our technical knowledge.
Understanding your need, supply free sample, offers newest decoration technology and door to door service.

Creat a custom glass bottle design or buy wholesale glass bottles