Glass bottle design

MC Glass Company assist clients to make a unique glass bottle from the first step glass bottle design, offer technical feasibility and solution in shape design and bottle decoration in order to achieve their branding recognition.

know your target audience

Before you begin the actual design of the glass bottle, make sure you can send the right signals to your target audience. The design help consumers better understand your products. A bottle graphic and imagery can play an enormous role in appealing consumers to pick up the bottle then decide to buy.

Find out distictive recognizable features

Because each brand tells its own story, to develop a custom glass bottle need innovation to create a unique bottle with its own identification. Our technical team will assist to break the technical boundary. Make sure what your brand stands for, use which features, shapes, colors to reflect your brand. We will give solution the feasibility based on original design designing intents.

Develop a custom glass bottle

Understanding what the original design intention is, we will collect all the technical measurement to prepare 2D and 3D drawing for your approval. 3D drawing will display the visual characteristics of bottles for your quick revision and decision making. Then we will begin physical mold making and process physical glass bottle setup procedures. No matter how complex the design is, our sales coordinator and technicians will find the solution. During mold making and sample setup process, quality management will be involved throughout.

Treat each glass bottle design a creative project

Consistency is the key principle of our quality management. We will fulfill project management on a new design glass bottle. A successful glass bottle design begins with fully communication with custom branding recognition, followed by technical ability and custom capabilities then need mastery of inhouse mold production and sample production. Glass bottle decoration after forming the shape will enhance the design features.

The main sector for glass bottle design

For liquor bottle such as Vodka, Brandy and Whiskey bottles, the brand owners pursue to design personalized glass bottles, carry the values of the brand. With elements like embossed logo, heavy base, unique shape to express products of elegant and excellence.

Our design team will partner with you to create newly designed glass bottles, understanding the appearance, specification, branding value and sustainable needs.

All our goal is to offer the flexibility, quality and unique needs to transform your packaging vision inot reality.

Step 1: Based on listen and address your branding identification, via analyze and paying attention to detailes.

Step 2: Use our design ability to achieve custom glass bottle’s distinction to enhance the varieties then prepare for exclusive private molds drawing.

Step 3: Submit visual and physical models or CAD drawings and also provide sustainable options or tready ideas offering professional options for your approval.

Step 4: Execute sample setup initial production by reducing lead times. We commit to small run sizes and operatinal efficiencies.

Step 5: Do mass production by quality control ensure the delivery time.

Developing a high end glass bottle design and creating custom glass bottles