Custom prints glass bubble tea bottle manufacture in China, milk tea bottle wholesale supplier.

We offer bubble tea glass bottles in different sizing capacities, from 250ml to 1000ml. Various shapes bottle alavilable in stock, classical 18oz 500ml glass bottle with stainless steel cap or cork top, square bottles, unique triangle shaped glass bottle, hotsale MY BOTTLE type, with colored plastic caps, unique bulb shape bottles.

Moreover, we have wide mouth mason glass boba jars, with tin lid and boba hole, colorful boba straw with customised brand available. Taditional mason boba jar with handle always in stock. Those reusable glass bubble tea bottles, are always very popular for milk tea and boba tea bars abroad.

We do custom prints on bottle surface, label sticker available, to help clents promote business. Also, the empty bottles, can be used as decors, keep you good mood all days.

If you are in search of glass bottles wholesale,, can provide you an extensive range of selection that will appeal to your business needs.

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