MC Glass Bottle is China glass juice bottle manufacturers, wholesale juice bottles and glass juice bottle supplier.

People love raw organic juices. Our client can be a juice brand owner. Some clients switch plastic package to glass juice containers because glass bottle keeps the juice with better quality and taste. Some clients are wholesaler or juice bar owner, buying beverage bottle in bulk regularly. We provide options to sell custom quantities on an individual basis with wholesale pricing. provide a wide range of juice glass bottle to suit any beverage. Our glass juice bottles are offered in varying capacities (mini from 60ml to 1 Liter) with different shapes, styles, and colors. Moreover, we supply bottles with different sealing caps to prevent spills and leaks. The closure can be Aluminum, cork, swing top, crown cap, tamper-evident caps, twist off lids, to suit your different requirements.

One of our advantages is to do custom prints, label sticker on bottle surface, which will shine your brand and enlarge your business scale. We know juice glass bottle label design trend and have some cutting-edge juice bottles in stock. You can buy them and print the logo with very fast delivery time.

If you are looking for a reliable juice bottle manufacturer and sourcing a unique juice bottle packing, please contact us on cost effective price and fast delivery!