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Make glass jars at wholesale price, jump on glass canning jar trend, exclusive mold transparent cost structure, custom glass bottles.

Develop unique glass milk bottles, precise IS machine forming machine and stable furnace, confirm quality consistency.

Know glass bottle design trend, make glass bottle superior in quality before delivery from plant, free glass bottle sample. 

From concept design and development to achieve custom glass bottles at exceptional low price, last minute delivery.

A bottle custom designed for beer industry, small or large runs in time delivery, print in crown caps creative big personality.

Custom glass bottle for spirit, spay bottle in customized color, industrial drawing and proven process, 750ml glass liquor bottles wholesale.

Wholesale swing top bottles, do custom glass bottle design, manufacture amber clear glass bottles, supply durable flip top closure.

oil bottle manufacturer, designed oil bottle inhouse, green olive oil bottle wholesale order at factory price, supply amber clear oil bottle.

High quality water glass bottle factory, proven track record, good customer service, innovative packaging solution ensure sustainability.

Custom manufacturer and wholesale glass bottle for pharmaceutical industry, stable facilities confirm quality priority, maximum efficiency production line.

Liquid soap glass bottle wholesaler, transforming liquid soap, lotion consumption through product line, Boston round bottle, small or large purchase order.

Well gravity fed pharma bottle making, amber or different color spectrum from furnace and feeder, efficient process reasonable rates.

Our mission and goal

Myeasyglass is one of the leading Glass bottle manufacturers in China. Offer a wide selection of glass bottle and glass jars. We provide custom packaging service.

our mission is to produce high quality glass bottle at cost effective price.

Our goal is to provide one stop package solution for clients. Myeasyglass is glass bottle factory and wholesaler in China, supply beer glass bottle, wine glass bottle and medicine glass bottle with fast delivery and consistent high quality. We have enough stocked shape glass bottle and jars ready for delivery. We also manufacture a custom glass bottle to shine your brands. We provide frosting, screen printing, decal, metallic printing, and full printing of glass bottle. From the art drawing to a real physical glass bottle to your hand, we commit to design, production, decoration, and logistic service.

Our business model is to design, manufacture, store, sourcing the right lids and accessories for our clients. We can save client’s time and funds to choose the right package way from wide range of pre-designed products based on the marketing trend. We will make it easy from workshop, importing, logistics the whole supply chain then passes the glass bottles to our clients.


China glass bottle manufacturer saving cost

Self-owned glass bottle factory reduce cost increasing productivity. Well managed plant with employee strength.

glass bottle are packed in pallets ready for delivery

Low MOQ and fast delivery

Wholesale extensive inventory models for your industry. Supply read-to-delivery glass bottle and jars at factory price.

technical drawing of a designed liquor glass bottle

Customer shape, size and surface printing

Clear a bespoke glass bottle with identity and market positions. Every technical development follows a design process.

shipping service by sea air and road

Logistics, warehousing, and shipping service

Maximize accessibility and flexibility of producing glass bottle, closure,shipping and after sale service.

happy clients
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