70 cl bottle

70 cl vs 750ml

Difference between 70 cl bottle and 750ml bottle

70 cl in ml and 750 ml of alcohol are two most commonly encountered measures for liquor bottles. When starting spirit distillery business, sometimes confusion raising: what is the difference between 70 cl bottle and 750ml bottle?

For spirits two sizes are standards: 70 cl (700ml) and 750ml (75 cl). The choice between those two sizes will depend on the retail location of the product. 700ml is the legislation size in Europe since 1990 the European Union introduced a piece of legislation that spirit and liquor bottles have to be 70 cl to ml. In the United Starts of America 750ml is the reference size and much of the world. In Canada and Mexico, both sizes can be sold at retail.


750ml is the standard wine bottle size. Why 750ml become the standard wine bottle size because 750ml is the standard exhalation volume of human lungs. One glassblower blows 750mls. Until early 18th century glass bottles are made with coal fried furnaces. The furnace produced high temperature so the glass bottle thickness become thinner and stronger. The lung capacity of glass blowers in those day was between 600ml and 800ml.

Another theory why 750ml is the favorite size due to 750ml volume can serve 6 wine glasses, which is the serving size average number of dinners found at a dinner table.

How big is 750 ml? Some people believe 750ml volume equal to one-fifth of a gallon, the suitable weight to carry during the Roman empire.

In this blog, liquor bottle size and shapes together with wine bottle size and shapes will be introduced for readers’ reference.

Alcohol bottle sizes

Common liquor bottle sizes (US Standardization)

50 ml (1.7 ounces)

50ml liquor bottle

100 ml (3.4 ounces)

100ml liquor bottles

200 ml (6.8 ounces)

200ml liquor bottles


375 ml (12.7 ounces)

375ml liquor bottle

750 ml (25.4 ounces)

750ml liquor bottle wholesale

1000 ml (33.8 ounces)

1 liter liquor bottle

1750 ml (59.2 ounces)

The EU mandatory spirits bottle sizes (EU Standardization)

100 ml

200 ml

350 ml

500 ml (50 cl)

In Russia and in most Eastern European countries, the 500 ml is the “standard” size at retailers.

700 ml (70 cl)

1000 ml (100 cl)

1500 ml

1750 ml

2000 ml

Liquor bottle shapes

Liquor of all types ranging from whiskey, scotch, vodka, gin, rum, bourbon, rye, gin and cocktail. The material is flint glass.


A flask is a flat bottle originally designed to be portable so the shoulders are rounded rectangle or oval. The flask shape can be found in multiple sizes while the easy to carry size are popular like 100ml, 200ml, 250ml, 350ml upper to 500ml.

flask bottles


Oval glass bottle are designed for luxury Olive oil or custom perfume bottles. The shape is disc.

oval glass bottle

Square liquor bottle

There is a large array of liquor bottles that are square. Some of the earliest gin bottle are called “case gin” or “taper gin” bottles.

square liquor bottles

Rectangular spirits bottles

The rectangular style is a commonly used for bottling rye whisky from mini size 50ml to standard size 70 cl. The cross-section with rounded corners, a proportionally tall body and short neck. Rectangular liquor bottles are more heavy and stronger and are found with flip top caps.

rectangular spirits bottles

Round cylinder liquor bottle

These types of bottles are found round when looking straight on at the base. The size are various ranging from mini size 50ml to 1.75 liters. Squat spirits tend to olive green, olive amber and black glass in color.

amber boston round bottle

Round cylinder bottle are easy for bottling and label.

When designing custom glass bottles for liquor, shapes are counted, together with size and weight and the height of the neck. The punt base added luxury image. Overall the bottle should be quite comfortable to hold.

punt base


Unique glass bottles

As premium glass bottle manufacturer, MC Glass develop unique bottle shapes for glass spirit also design interesting glass bottles with sophisticated decoration.

Liqueurs offer an irresitable experiece thoroughly enjoyed. Distillery owners packed spirits with flavor, not artificial ingredients in pursuit for the best liqueur and extracting the best flavor. Diversified flavor vodka need unique custom glass bottle packging solution. The variations are endless. The decoration methods are thoroughly and associated. The results are pure enjoyment.

unique glass bottles


Wine bottle sizes

75 cl (750) are called standard wine bottle which is the most common size found on the shelves of retailer.

There are twelve sizes of wine bottle, ranging from 18.7 cl (187 ml) to 18 litres. Each size has the specific name.

187ml (18.7 cl) Piccolo or Split: For single serves or travel portable.

375ml (37.5 cl) Demi or half: equivalent to half standard wine bottle

750ml (75 cl) Standard wine bottle

1.5 litres Magnum: equivalent to two standard wine bottles

3 liters Double Magnum: holds the equivalent of four standard wine bottles

4.5 litres Jéroboam: holds 6 standard bottles of wine.

6 litres Impériale: holds 8 standard bottles of still wine.

9 litres Salmanazar: equivalent to 12 standard wine bottles

12 litres Balthazar: equivalent to 16 standard bottles.

15 litres Nebuchadnezzar: equivalent to 20 standard bottles.

18 litres Solomon: equivalent to 24 standard bottles.

Wine bottle shapes

Wine bottle shapes are not for aesthetic reasons. Knowing the basic wine bottle shapes can be a clue on what you about to taste before reading the label. There are six standard shapes named after wine regions where they were originally established in historic wine regions.


That is the most common bottle encountered. The body is cylinder round with straight sides and high shoulders and can be found in antique green color, dead leaf color or amber green color.


It has a longer neck than Bordeaux bottle with sloping shoulders. That shape was easy made for a glass maker. W.hy the standard volume of wine bottle set at 750ml is because average glass maker’s lung exhalation volume is 750ml.

Alsace Bottle

The main grape contained in Alsace bottles is Riesling both the dry and the sweet versions. Alsace bottle is tall, slender bottle with sloping shoulders with a few names Hock, Alsace, Rhone or Mosel. Bottels containing French Riesling are often brown, while for German Riesling are often green.

Champagne Bottle

The greatest variety in terms of size could be seen in Champagne bottles: a magnum containing 1.5 litres (two bottles) is fairly widely known. These bottles are also called sparkling wine bottles like Cava are heavier with thicker glass wall in order to hold high pressure. That style has punt in the base can increases the strength of the bottle. Champagne has delightful bubbles in celebration serves.

Port Bottle

Port bottles have high shoulders resemble Bordeaux bottles but the neck of that bottle has a bulb to trap excess sediment during pouring which can result from aging.

Ice or Dessert

That bottle’s shape is tall and thin typically hold half the volume of a wine bottle. The slim shape is fancy and elegant serving at the end of a meal. The half volume is consistent with smaller glasses with dessert.

ice wine bottle


 70 cl bottle and 750ml bottle no matter for liquor or wine are most universal size serving for dinner.

Why standard spirit bottle contain 750ml and most wine or liquor bottles contain 70 cl in ml or 750 ml. As custom glass bottle manufacturers, MC Glass know the secrets. Until 18th century glass bottles are somewhat standardised between 600ml and 800ml. Towards end 18th century, the size of Port bottle in Britain was standardised to 750 ml.

Compared with liquor bottle sizes and shapes, wine bottle size and shapes are more standard. Flint glass and extra white glass are preferred on spirits and liquor bottles. Due to diversified shapes and decoration methods, custom liquor bottles provide strong brand recognition.

New trends

 As custom glass bottle manufacturers, MC Glass has been continuously working in a holistic way cooperating with distillery brands adding graphic elements, and textures while being inspired by different categories such as architecture, fashion, art, design, etc to create innovative luxury glass bottles for liquor, whiskey, rum, vodka, gin and winery.

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