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Choose a suitable glass container for cold brew coffee

What is coffee drinks and cold brewing coffee

Coffee drinks are made by brewing hot water and, occasionally, cold water with ground coffee beans. The brewing is either done slowly by drip, filter, French press, cafetière or percolator, or done very quickly under pressure by an espresso machine. When put under the pressure of an espresso machine, the coffee is termed “espresso” while slow-brewed coffees are generally termed “brewed coffee.”

Cold brewing coffee, also called cold water extraction or cold pressing, is the process of steeping coffee grounds in water at cool temperatures for an extended period. Coarse-ground beans are soaked in water for about 12 to 24 hours.

The water is normally kept at room temperature, but chilled water can also be used. After the grounds have been steeped, they are filtered out of the water using a paper coffee filter, a fine metal sieve, a French press, or felt. The result is a coffee concentrate that is diluted with water or milk, and is even sometimes served hot, but often served chilled, over ice, or blended with ice and other ingredients such as chocolate.

Cold brew coffee originated in Japan, where it has been a traditional method of coffee brewing for centuries. Slow-drip cold brew, also known as Kyoto-style, or as Dutch coffee in East Asia (after the name of coffee essences brought to Asia by the Dutch), refers to a process in which water is dripped through coffee grounds at room temperature over the course of many hours.  Cold brew can be infused with nitrogen to make nitro cold brew coffee.

Because the ground coffee beans in cold-brewed coffee never come into contact with heated water, the process of leaching flavor from the beans produces a chemical profile different from conventional brewing methods. Coffee beans contain a number of parts that are more soluble at higher temperatures, such as caffeine, oils and fatty acids. However brewing at a lower temperature for 24 hours results in higher caffeine content when brewed in equal volume compared to 6 minutes at 98 °C.  The pH of cold and hot brew coffee is similar but cold brew coffee has a lower titratable acid concentration.  Both pH and titratable acidity influence taste.

People can find a perfect coffee glass bottle for their drinks.

Amber Boston round glass bottle

Choose amber glass Boston round bottles with black phenolic cone lined caps for storing cold brew coffee for cafes, restaurants, and more. These glass beverage bottles provide UV protection, which helps keep brewed coffee fresh and flavorful. The black phenolic caps include LDPE cones that fit snug in the bottle neck and create a tight seal once closed. Amber glass beverage bottles offer a variety of sizes for packaging cold brew concentrate in small volumes or ready to drink beverages in larger capacities. The size of Boston round glass bottle is 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml.

Flat round/flask glass bottle

We have two flat glass bottles fit for cold brew coffee, one style is with round shoulder and the other style is with square shoulder. The cap is metal screwed cap and the color can be golden, silver, black, white and custom color as you wish. Some clients especially from the middle east countries they like to print the bottle in black or white color then print the logo on the surface. Flask bottles are in various size from 100ml to 500ml. The specific size can be 100ml, 200ml, 250ml, 350ml and 500ml. The flat bottle has big flat side can easily attach a label sticker. Matt black color is very cool for cold brew coffee and white provide a difference containing milk favor. Coffee milk is made by mixing coffee syrup or coffee extract and milk together in a manner similar to chocolate milk. It is the official state drink in Rhode Island. Drinking coffee is more like drinking a liquor since coffee can be an addicted beverage by minority groups. A liqueur coffee, as its name suggests, is a coffee brew with a 25 ml shot of liqueur. This brew is usually served in a clear liqueur coffee glass with the coffee and cream separated for visual and taste effect. The liqueur of choice is added first with a teaspoon of sugar mixed in. The glass is then filled to within an inch of the top with filtered coffee. Slightly whipped cream may then be poured over the back of a spoon, so that it floats on top of the coffee and liqueur mixture. The sugar is required in the coffee mixture to help the cream float.

Luxury disc round glass bottle with thick bottom

Another choice is luxury disc round glass bottle with thick bottom. Thick base is a symbol of premium quality in glass product industry. The glass bottle weight will be more heavy and the glass material is more flint with a thick bottom. You can find those style in a perfume bottle or a vodka glass container. We have 250ml and 500ml disc bottle in stock. We support low MOQ like 3000pcs with fast delivery. The top is cork. The cork color can be silver or golden color.

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