Choose the glass bottle shape-square or round

There are some classic square and round glass bottle for milk juice package like French square glass bottle and Boston round glass bottle. Making a decision on the right shape for your product is a big decision. You need to take many points on account like what is the main client of the customer, which label you prefer and where they will put the bottles after buying.


Here are some tips to help you decide between a square bottle or a round bottle for your juices:


  • Using a square juice bottle can help your product stand out in a sea of round juice bottles.
  • A square-shaped bottle can be used to help consumers instantly recognize your brand.
  • Square juice bottles can be more aesthetically pleasing on the shelf as they are easier to stack than their round counterparts.
  • They are easier to pack into boxes for shipping.
  • Square bottles take up less space in a refrigerator or cooler.
  • Hand-labeling bottles may be easier with a square bottle than with round bottles.


  • Round juice bottles are the traditional option for many juice brands.
  • They are more comfortable to hold in the hand than square bottles.
  • Round bottles will make applying labels mechanically easier and more consistent than with square bottles.
  • If juices are being marketed primarily towards children, small round juice bottles may be easier to hold than square bottles.
  • Cup holders, such as those found in vehicles, on backpacks, and in baby strollers are typically molded to accommodate round bottles.

The decision to use a square or round bottle should take into account how the bottle will be used by your customers. For example, if your target customer is a fitness enthusiast, make sure the juice bottle is easy to carry and features a slender design for on-the-go use. When deciding whether to go with a square or round juice bottle, be sure to consider additional factors such as product labeling.


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