custom glass bottle design

Custom glass bottle design new trends 2023

New design packaging is easier to obtain than you think. As custom glass bottle manufacturers, we watched many high end bottles absorb unique texture, beautiful painting and deep decoration. The sharing of innovation is the least focused on, but in our experience the part that yields the greatest about of happiness or enjoyment.

Custom glass bottles are created to meet specific functional, market strategic or branding needs. By opting for custom designed glass bottles, brand owners can differentiate their products, enhance their brand identity and create a unique packaging solution that aligns with their specific requirements and target market.

Designing a special glass packaging solution is powerful to promote your product market and enhance brand’s loyalty. Custom glass bottles have commonly used in various industries such as liquor and spirits, glass jars, drinking bottles, beauty and health industries.

Custom glass bottles for liquor

custom glass bottle for liquor

It is great to create custom glass bottle for liquor. The idea come from petal.

We feel as whiskey bottle suppliers it is our duty to ensure the unique bottles offer people inspiration on ways to unlock the highest level of whiskey enjoyment. The most desirable bottle and more people will discover the true joy of whiskey.

Custom glass bottles for water

custom glass bottle for water

Contact to design your own dream bottle from custom glass water bottles wholesale.


Wholesale drinking glasses

drinking glasses

Drinking glasses with fabric texture or straw plaited article is new trend 2023. Different material surface together with embossed surface creating a 3D look sophisticated that customers cannot resist on the shelves.

Glass swing bottles diamond patterns

custom swing bottles

Choosing wholesale glass swing top bottles round or square screen painting logo are seen as hotel or resorts most choices. Diamond patterns adding a shining design to product packaging as unique water bottles.

Swing top bottles are excellent glass containers for drinking water, mineral water, springing water, sparkling water packaging. The unique design make flip top bottles quick to seal, easy to open with no openers, airtight sealing and strong to withstand high levels of carbonation. Swing top bottles are popular for hotels and resorts. Creating custom swing top bottles is powerful tool to present your bottled water branding market.

Custom glass liquor bottle design

It is important to have a design inspiration for identifying your branding. Design is the art of creation, which comes from our daily life and will be realized on the glass packaging to present uniqueness distinctively. Once you utilize a non-standard form on your spirit bottle, it will increase the likelihood that it will attract the attention of someone walking by as they see it.

For distilleries and wineries, it is desirable to develop a unique shaped liquor bottle with special customized surface texture, including embossed branded logo, symbolic graphics. One of our spirits brand owns expects a unique glass container for tequila packaging. They created the custom bottle design with the embossed agave pattern to brings the earthy, lemon-fresh character of Mexico’s world-famous agave region. A tequila bottle with authentic character is powerful tool to convey incomparable taste to consumers and achieve a better sale.

The tequila bottle design is innovative in symmetrical aesthetics. The embossed agave graphics appear both on the shoulder and the bottom of the liquor bottle, same designing but different orientation, which forms a special symmetrical inverted image.

Due to the special custom glass bottle texture characters, there are labeling lines on the bottle surface. To integrate with embossing, our designing team of branded decors believe the traditional labeling method is better than custom logo printing. The 70 cl bottle with unique embossed texture design and special shaped label work together to create a whimsical. As a result, the sophisticated design is powerful to make this tequila drinker feel at least a bit enlighted.

Textured glass jar

For people, good looks are not everything, but for packaging design that needs to instantly catch consumers’ attention, creating a special glass container with good looking is essential for branding market.

Glass packaging solution plays an important role for food storage industry, for glass is non-chemical, no leaching, non-toxic and recyclable. Thanks to the features of glass, it has become one of the most safe and healthy packaging containers popular worldwide. For brand owners, the key is to design a custom jar that is eye-catching to consumers when they walking through.

As custom glass bottle manufacturer, our glass factory develops the textured glass jar which helps highlight the brand’s premium quality while showcasing its modern identity. The textured jars add a sense of dimension and beauty that does not occur with smooth versions. The jar texture with embossed surface create another layer of premiumness.

The graphics on the glass jar is not a simple geometric pattern, but a special illustration formed by various elements and shapes. The final designed texture reveals a network of lines, graph and tattoo, building a unique beauty. All the embossed textures on glass showcase a strong visual impact to consumers, pushing them to pay close attention to your products and buy.

Our designing team emboss the high-definition artwork into the glass jar surface, adding custom design textures and enhancements to a higher standard than traditional glass packaging design. Unlike market common embossing and debossing, this textured jar technique is creative, like details, depth, and dimension to ensure a perfect appearance for the custom jars and present uniqueness on any store shelf.

Glass drinking bottle

drinking glass


Packaging design is crucial for product sales. Exquisite glass bottle designs can reflect a brand’s image and convey the product’s characteristics, thereby attracting more potential consumers. Apart from commonly used bottle decorations, like printing, frosting, custom coating and labeling, adding distinct textures on a custom swing bottle surface helps to create tactility and depth. Textured glass is the perfect design technique to imitate the look and feel of other materials in glass.

One of our clients in business of bottled water industry desires a special designed glass swing bottle with textured surface touch. As custom glass bottle manufacturer, our specialists add the new trend of diamond features to the customized swingtop bottles. The embossed diamond texture design conveys elegant, luxury brand value to consumers, delivers exceptional shelf appealing.

Good looking glass packaging is key to promote your products, playing the same important role as the drinking inside. The distinctive custom glass bottle texture is sparkling under light, showcasing crystal and super premium glass material, attracting consumer to touch the beautiful textured bottles and push them to buy your bottled drinking products.

Custom soap bottle

custom soap bottles

A soap dispenser is a great way to store your hand soap to save money and keep your counters clean. When choosing a soap dispenser for your home, you have many options for style, size and design. Glass soap dispensers are modern designs, becoming more and more popular than traditional plastic soap containers. With the increasing healthy consciousness, people use glass soap bottles for they are sanitary, not absorbing the chemicals from the soap. Glass may be more expensive for the initial purchase, but it is refillable, reusable and easier to clean. As a result, you do not have to replace your soap bottles, which saves your budget and is friendly to our environment.

With the increasing demand for fancy glass soap bottles, owning a custom designed bottle is key to win the crowded. For soap owners, a delicate glass bottle packaging can make consumers feel the product’s high quality, which can further increase their recognition and trust in the product. For brand owners, customized glass bottles can make products more personalized and identifiable in the design.

To help your soap products stand out on the shelf, our customization specialists have created the exquisitely designed packaging for liquid soap. The soap bottle builds a distinctive wave pattern that features a flowing water when looking at the bottle. This textured bottle is special grey color that features modern and premium brand identity. We make this custom soap bottle design aimed to translate the dynamic beauty in the design of bottle texture, creating a bottle which conveys elegance and catches consumers’ close attention.


Glass bottle packaging are desirable by brand owners for glass is essential in protecting, promoting, communicating and branding. Packaging companies prefer glass bottles and jars for they are refllable and reuable, diverse in shape, sizes, colors, closure tops, textured surface and personalized decorations. In the future, glass is not just the sand, soda-lime, it is art of designing, playing the same role as the content inside.

Custom glass bottle design is highly popular for many liquor brands, food jars, bottled water. MC glass bottle company has become high-end custom glass bottle manufacturer, cooperating with worldwine brands to create custom glass bottles in developing designing, printing, frosting and labeling.