square liquor bottle with printings

Decal printing on Glass Bottles

The Definition of Decal

A decal some people called “transfer” is a paper, or ceramic substrate that has printed on it a pattern or image that can be moved to another surface upon contact, usually with the aid of heat or water.

The word is short for decalcomania, which is the English version of the French word décalcomanie.

The technique was invented by Simon François Ravenet, an engraver from France who later moved to England and perfected the process he called “décalquer” (which means to copy by tracing); it became widespread during the decal craze or mania of the late 19th century.

A decal is a substrate that has a design, pattern or image on it which is meant to be transferred to another surface. The word decal refers to either the substrate or the design it contains.

Decals are usually made from plastic, paper or vinyl. Depending on the type of decal, they can be applied to a wide range of substrates such as plastics, wood, coated metals, glass, painted products, leather, fabrics and rubber.

All decals are stickers (but not all stickers are decal). A decal is basically a decorative sticker, generally used outdoors. They are a design that can be transferred from one surface to another and will have three layers: paper on the back, the decal itself, and paper on the front.

When you are deciding if you want a sticker, label, silk screen printing, full surface printing, or decal for your glass bottle, consider the following information to help you make the right choice.

The size of printing

Full surface printing can provide a matt, shining or a rainbow custom look. It is 360 degree printing of glass bottle. Frosting also can provide a full surface appearance.

750ml black liquor bottle

rainbow printing on the bottom of glass cups

full printing on the surface of glass bottles

How many colors of printing artwork

Silk screen printing support one color or two colors artwork separated in different location of the glass bottle while decal printing support multiple color printing. As some clients like metallic golden or metallic silver effects, decal paper can meet the needs.

decal paper golden colorfoil gold printing on glass bottle

The location

Silk screen printing is suitable for round glass bottle. Decal printing can support square, triangle, or cone type shaped bottle.

The Price

Silk printing is more economical than decal printing.

What is the process of decal printing

The decals sticked on the surface of glass bottle is known as water-slide decal or water-dip decal. That kind decals use an adhesive that loosens when it comes in contact with water. Once wet the decal can be repositioned if needed. This should not be done that much or the glue starts to dissolve. Once the decal is in the correct position a squeegee is used to apply it permanently.

Design the artwork and make the decal paper

Before you begin the actual design of your label, make sure you can send the right signals to your target audience. The label will help consumers better understand your products. Make sure your brand’s image is simple, prominent and clear. Keeping your brand’s name front and center-in a font that is easy to read, which will make the product much more desirable. Choose an attractive image since an image is worth a thousand words. Tell a story for your product than any copy you include. The bottle graphics and imagery can play an enormous role in a consumer picking your bottle up and deciding to buy it.

Decal paper can be silver foiled, or gold foiled to get metallic effects.

full color decal papersilve decal papergolden decal paper

Dip the decal paper in the water

When the sandwich paper contacted with water, the glue start to dissolve and the upper paper separated from the lower paper.

Stick the upper decal paper on the surface of glass bottle by hand

Put the glass bottle in dry and cool room for 24 hours

Peel the upper form on the surface of glass bottle

Make sure the surface is clear and tidy.

Put the glass bottle in the furnace

then baked in a suitable temperature for some times.

Check the artwork has transferred on the surface of glass bottles

decal printing for candle holdersgold decal printing on glass bottles

No matter the glass bottle is big or small, myeasyglass can fulfill decal printing process in high quality and attractive appearance. We will help the client to shine their brands and sell more and more in the markets.