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Import bottle procedure first time

  1. Are you the Manufacture or Wholesaler?

We are glass bottle manufacturer and wholesaler. For many styles, like liquor bottle, swing top glass bottle, food storage glass jar and beer bottles. We always have stock. We can do less minimal order and very fast delivery.

  1. What is glass material do you use?

The material can be soda lime and Borosilicate. Soda lime glass bottle is thicker and stronger than Borosilicate and the price is cheaper. Borosilicate glass bottle have better appearance without mold line on the surface. However, the price is much more expensive. The shape of Borosilicate bottle is like tube shape.
3. What quality control procedures do you have in place?  Please explain.

We use Vernier caliper to measure the main detailed measurement when bottle coming out displayed in the drawing. Then use light inspection to find some defects
4. Is there any inspection technology used after the Annealing stage?

After annealing stage, the bottles are transferred on the belt to package area. There are some inspection workers inspected the bottle by hand. There will not be any special inspection technology.

  1. Is there a surface treatment sprayed during the Annealing process?

There is no hot end coating/cold end coating during annealing process.

  1. What is your productivity?

One day output of our factory is 300,000pcs bottle per day.

  1. Do you palatize the bottles and shrink wrap the pallet immediately after stacking the pallet?

We will package the bottles to the carton, then pallet the cartons immediately by shrink wrap to avoid dust.
8. Do you have a storage facility to store the glass? If yes, is that included?

Our factory has a storage space to store the glass for a short time like 2 weeks to 1 month. We cannot store the finished bottles for long time over 1 month.

9.What kinds of closure you use/make?

We can provide metal cap like tin, stainless steel, Aluminium and galvanized swing top cap. We can provide the plastic cap, corks if needed. We outsource the cap and we have sound and long-term relationship with some cap factories.
10. It is the first time for importing bottles and what is the procedure?

We can provide EXW price, FOB price and CFR price for the client. For less than a container order, the final package will be exporting standard carton plus pallets. We will ship the pallets or a whole container by marine. Please let us know the proposed ordering quantity and the destination port, we can check the shipping cost for the client. Once the bottle arrived in the destination port, the shipping company will send email or call to inform the client “arrival notice” and client can ask a shipping agent to clear customs, pay the destination fee and transport the goods inland to their store/warehouse.

  1. What is the most popular bottles in your website?

We have many clients purchasing our fancy glass bottle for shakes/smoothies and Boba tea package. They are shop/bar owner and have their own design/logo/artwork printing on the surface of glass bottles. The bottle can be separately sold as a promotional gift and the custom likes to take a funky glass bottle/jar with prints with all kinds of artwork and themes).

We have a new water glass bottle called Borosilicate water glass bottle with bamboo cap. This bottle is luxury and the bamboo can is natural.

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