glass candle jars

How to create custom candle jars?

People love to decorate and give a enjoyable fragrance to their home. In order to have a emotional feeling, they are always in demand for beautiful products like candles. The candle industry is currently booming. With the increasing demand for innovative candle products especially scented candles, creating an outstanding candle packaging is actual the most crucial component of your candle branding strategy. Custom candle jar is the strong tool to promote your brand market.

When it comes to buying new candle for your home, a candle in a glass jar will be the best glass candle container. If you are in the business of candle making industry and searching for your desired glass jars for candle, there are many factors you need to consider.

Candle jar size

candle jar size

The capacity of your candle jars will determine how much wax and fragrance oil you’ll need to fill them. As glass jar manufacturer, MC glass wholesale candle jars in a great variety of sizes, ranging from mini jam jars to large candle containers. If you are starting up your candle making industry, selecting a proper candle jar capacity is important. 6oz glass candle jars, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz candle glass jars are market trendy.

According to research of candle market, the 8 oz candle jars are the most popular and best-selling glass jar size for candles. If you are a new business in candle, 8 oz glass candle jars are considered as the regular candle container size. Because 8oz candles are large enough to burn long time and wide enough for consumers to clean and replace the candles.


For candle making, the diameter of the candle jar plays a crucial role. Aside from the jar capacity, the width of you candle vessels should be taken into consideration. After the candle burns and been melt, it will make the wax pool. For example, it will be a failed candle jar product if the candle burns a hole down the center, but the outside edges never melt. Consumers will think this candle jar design wastes a lot of wax and not worth to the money they paid.

Candle jar shapes

Glass is distinctive, smooth appearance, elegant and beautiful vision, diverse in shapes. As glass jar manufacturer and supplier, our glass candle jars come in a variety of shapes and styles, including wholesale square candle jars, popular round candle jars, ball shaped candle holder, traditional and classic Mason jar candle holders, special designed lotus glass candle holder, as well as customized glass candle jars unique in shapes.

round candle jar

For instant, the round cylinder shape glass candle holder is one of the most common candle containers. It is simple design, economical in price. The sleek side are perfect with customized jar decorations like logo printing and labeling. As we all know that candle glass is always thick base, which will reduce crack damages while the candles are burning.

square candle jar

Comparing with old-fashioned round shaped candle jars, square glass candle holders are modern design, different look on store shelf. Square candle jars offer a sharp look and safe during transportation. Square design with sharp edges gives durable feeling to consumers. The thick walls and base help candles burn evenly.

Glass candle jar material

Glass containers are the most popular candle vessel. However, not all glassware is suitable for candle packaging. To make a candle jar safe, the glass should be thick, smooth, and more important is to bear the high heat during candle melting. Considering the ability of heat-resistant, glassware like drinking glasses, wine glasses, glass vases, and other delicate glass containers should be avoided.

Selecting a container that will both look beautiful as a candle but also is able to handle the heat created by the candle, you should look for jars made from tempered glass. Tempered glass candle holders are very common in candle market. This type of glass is normally thick wall and base, strong and safe for high temperature. In addition, tempered glass candle holders are diverse in shapes and sizes, matching different requirements from candle makers.

Borosilicate candle jar

Apart from tempered glass candle jars, Borosilicate glass is new and special candle holder containers. Thanks to its stable features and characters, borosilicate glass is good with high temperature. Comparing to market common tempered glass candle vessels, Borosilicate glass jars are light weight, more transparent and smooth appearance, elegant and luxury design. As a result, Borosilicate glass candle holders are slightly expensive at prices.

Candle jar color

amber candle jar custom colored candle jars

Clear transparent candle jars are natural color, natural looking. If you are a start-up candle maker, flint candle glass vessel will be a good option. Nowadays, amber glass jars for candle are increasingly demanded. Amber glass candle holders offer a classic vintage look and provide a romantic glow when the candle is in use. On the shelf, your amber candle containers will stand out greatly and attract the buyers’ attention.

Customizing your candle jars with a different and innovative look will boost your candle business effectively. As custom glass jar manufacturer, MC glass decorate high quality glass candle jars like frosted candle jar, custom coated jar, printed candle jar, also candle holders with labeling. Personalized glass candle jars will convey your branding and increase brand value.

Selecting a correct closure cap for your unique candle holder jar ensure your candle brand appealing. Our glass company offers various candle caps and lids made of different materials. Customizing closures for candle vessel like Bamboo lid, wood lid, metal lid with printing present your candle brand personality.

Candle jar surface

embossed candle jars

To create a custom glass jar design for candle packaging is to choose a unique glass bottle shape and special glass surface, like embossing on the glass. Embossed glass candle jars showcase luxury and elegant design to consumers, making your candle holders attractive and new look on shelf.

Candle jar lid closure

printed Bamboo lid for candle jars

Selecting a proper candle jar lid is necessary for your candle storage. We offer several options for candle jar lids, including Bamboo lid, wood closure, and metal lid. It is important to use lids as they protect the wax from collecting dust, dirt, and grime. Without a lid for candle holder, the dirt your candle collects would affect the fragrance smell of your candle when it is burning.

As a custom glass bottle manufacturer, we are professional not only in creating custom glass jars but also specialized in customized lids for your candle vessel. If your candle jars are sealed with Bamboo or wood lids,, engraving your logo on lids will add your company value. For metal lids, branding your logo with silkprinting will attract more consumers.


Candle jars play a very vital role in candle production, presentation, and sales. Attractive designed candle holder jars make your candle brand stand out on the market. If you’re looking for high quality glass candle jars of all shapes and sizes at cost-effectively, MC glass will exceed your expectation.

Wondering how to make your personlaized candle jars unique appearance and find top quality custom candle jars, contact MC glass today!