1L craft beer glass bottle swing top

Amber swing top glass bottle factory, supplier, producer and wholesale.


  • Heavy Duty Amber Glasss: Amber for filtering light , keep drinks inside for long time freshing.
  • Super Strong Airtight Seal : Keep content inside as fresh as bottling.
  • Safe for Dishwasher : Dishwasher safe for quick & easy clean up.

Deep Process:

  • silk screen prints on bottle surface
  • full colors hot stamping
  • frosted and spray painting
  • label stickers

Large or small orders:

  • Order single or thousands item at a time. Our warehouse and flexible shipping is available for last-minute, tight-deadline orders.
  • Welcome to visit our store –your reliable glass bottle manufacturer in China.


Are you looking for some top of the swing top beer bottles for your homebrewing?
These premium-quality, swing top bottles are perfect for carbonation, kombucha, and home beer brewing.


Product Name 1L craft beer glass bottle swing top
Capacity and dimension
plastic stopper, silicon rubber, stainless wire
Custom Service
silk printing, decal, frosted, label sticker

Why You’ll Love It:

It’s fun to make something from scratch, you can even gift your creations to friends and family.

These elegant bottles have the classic amber-colored glass, adding a touch of sophistication when on display. When you’ve finished off your supply, simply wash them and brew something new. Our airtight bottles reduce foaming caused by pressure and carbonation over time, so your brew maintains the perfect taste.