Amber 100ml pharmacy liquid glass bottle wholesale

Together with 100ml amber phama bottles many sizes. Glass bottle has no chemical leaching with the contents and dark color can protect the liquid from sunlight.

Large or Small Order:

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  • More information, just consult your reliable glass bottle manufacturer in China.


The glass Bottles are all made of soda-lime glass which is food safe, BPA-free, and lead free.

This Amber glass bottles, sealed with screw caps in different colors, different material caps, airtight sealing, keeping your liquid safe.


Product Name
Amber 100ml pharmacy liquid glass bottle wholesale
Capacity and dimension
30ml 60ml 100ml 120ml 150ml 200ml 250ml 300ml 500ml
screw plastic or metal cap
Custom Service
silk printing, decal, frosted, label sticker
MOQ 10000pcs


Capacity Options

bottle in different sizes

Need accessories ?

various caps