Amber glass soap bottle with pump spray

China-based liquid soap glass bottle manufacturer, knowing how to reduce the real cost for client. Supply soap glass bottle with pump sprayer.


  • Classic Shape: rounded shoulder and a rounded base, making them extremely popular in personal care packages and easy to label.
  • Durable and Strong Bottles: these are easy to clean, lightweight and dishwasher safe.
  • Amer Glass: the Amber boston round glass bottle is able to filter out UV light and can help protect the contents within.
  • Pump Top: high quality pump will easily dispense the thickest of creams and lotions, which ideal for home cleaning, cooking and beauty use.

Deep Process:

  • silk screen prints on bottle surface
  • full colors hot stamping
  • frosted and spray painting
  • label stickers

Large or Small Order:

Order single or thousands item from glass bottle manufacturer. Our warehouse and flexible shipping is available for last-minute, tight-deadline orders.


This glass soap bottle, fitted with pump, mist or trigger top.

Our glass bottles, are all made of soda-lime glass, a very common and safe glass material. They are food safe, BPA-free, and lead free. Amber glass bottle protects your soap safe from UV light.


Product name Amber glass soap bottle with pump spray
Capacity and diamension
 250ml 500ml 1000ml
pump, mist,  trigger
Boston round
Custom Service
silk printing, decal, frosted, lable sticker

Why you will love this bottle ?

  1. Easy to Use
    Ergonomic, adjustable pump, mist, trigger sprayer
  2. Safe and Reliable
    Prevents plastic odors & chemicals from leaching into the bottle. Feel confident with PBA-free caps and trigger components. Durable glass is heavy metal free.
  3. Environmentally Conscious
    Save money by reducing use of disposable plastics. Help the environment by reusing recyclable glass.
    Countless Uses For Home, Health, Beauty, Kitchen, Bathroom, Garden & More
  4. Cleaning Solutions
    Great for your personal, organic, non-toxic, essential oil blends and home cleaning solution recipes.
  5. Plant Sprayer
    A great way to mist all of your house plants – from bonsais, bromeliads, ferns, flowering plants and more. Plus it looks great on the counter.
  6. Features: 
    Quality Glass: Made of quality thick glass, no harmful substances, anti-corrosion, compression and wear resistance, safe and convenient to use.