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Small scale glass bottle manufacturing

Glass vials, mini glass honey jar, dropper bottles, glass roller bottles, lotion bottles, glass diffuser bottles and glass bottles for nail polish intend to be small capacity. MC glass bottle factory as small scale glass bottle manufacturer offers high quality products covering wide range industries.

Small capacity glass bottle manufacturing

mini honey jars

The term “small capacity” refers to the process of producing glass bottles with relatively low production volumes. It involves the creation of glass containers typically used for beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, condiments, and others.

Small capacity glass bottle manufacturing may offer customization options and flexibility for niche markets, specialized products, or businesses with lower production demands.

The manufacturing process typically involves several steps, which may be carried out using semi-automatic or manual equipment, depending on the scale and capabilities of the manufacturing facility.

Small capacity glass packaging production process

The manufacturing process to make small capacity glass containers involves glass batch preparation, melting, forming, annealing, post-processing, decorating and packaging. Therefore, selecting a n experienced glass bottle manufacturer is the key to get your satisfied small glas containers high quality. Here is a general overview of the process:

Glass Batch Preparation

The raw materials to make small capacity glass bottles and jars are the same as large size glass containers. The batch of mixture includes silica sand, soda ash, limestone, and other additives.The ingredients are carefully measured and mixed to form a homogeneous blend.


The glass batch is then fed into a furnace and heated at high temperatures (around 1500°C or 2730°F) to melt the ingredients. The intense heat melts the raw materials, transforming them into glass gobs.


Once the glass is molten,the glass gobs drop into a glass mold to be shaped by blowing air or by pressing it into the mold.

Different from standard glass capacity manufacturing, the process for small capacity glass containers may involve semi-automatic or manual bottle forming techniques. Glassblowers or operators use various tools and techniques to shape the glass into the desired container design.


After glass forming, the containers are placed into theannealing lehr. The purpose of annealing is to gradually cool down the glass container to remove internal stresses and prevent thermal shock.


Once the glass containers are annealed and cooled, they undergo post-processing steps, including trimming excess glass, polishing the container’s edges, and applying various finishing touches.

Decorating and labeling:customized glass bottles are great tools to make your product outstanding on shelves. Labeling, printing, or etching and other decorations are preferred by brand owners.


One of the benefits to cooperating with experienced glass bottle manufacturer is that you will enjoy high quality. Before the glass containers are packaged, they undergo quality control checks to ensure they meet the desired specifications and standards.

Why small size glass bottle manufacturing need large MOQ

vial manufacturing

For large capacity bottle like 500ml glass bottle, the MOQ for production is common 20,000pcs. But this is different for small capacity glass containers. Here are the factors:

Production efficiency

Small-sized glass bottle manufacturing often involves specialized machinery and equipment. Operating these machines at lower capacities may result in reduced efficiency and higher production costs.

Setup costs

Setting up the manufacturing process for small-sized bottles involves similar costs as larger bottles but with lower output. Therefore, manufacturers may require larger minimum quantitiesto cover these setup costs.

Material optimization

It is important for glass bottle manufacturers specialized in small capacity glass containers to ensure that the production volume is sufficient to minimize material waste and achieve better cost-effectiveness.

Storage and handling

Though small-sized glass bottles take up less space compared to larger ones,manufacturers need to store large ready for distributions and logistics.

Profit margins

Manufacturers need to consider their profit margins when determining MOQs. By setting larger MOQs, manufacturers can ensure that the order size is economically viable and profitable.

The usage glass containers with small capacity

Small glass containers are widely used for many industries, like edible bird nests product, food and beverages, cosmetics, perfume, medicine, essential oils and others.

Bottle nests Birds

Bird nest bottle Singapore, East Asia country client from Malaysia souce bird nest bottle factory offering flint and custom-designed 75 ml, 50 ml bottle with texture and logo decorations.

bottle nests birds


It is common to see small glass bottles used for juice, beverages, flavoured water, energy drinks. For example, juicing brand owners use juice shot bottle to promote new product launching. Also, small glass juice bottles are perfect design for kids.

mini glass juice bottle

Cosmetics and perfume

Personal care products are high-end products which are stored in luxury and aesthetic glass packaging. Small glass bottles or jars convey exquisite quality and elegant designing.

Pharmaceutical products

Small glass containers are utilized for packaging medicines, vitamins and supplements. For example, amber glass bottles play an important role for medicine packaging, for pharmaceutical products are mostly light-sensitive. Dark colored glass containers will keep your pharmacy products safe and fresh.

small glass medicine bottles


Food packaging

Small glass containers like mini glass jars are employed for honey, jam, jelly, pickles, spices, mayonnaise and other flavouring. These glass bottles have specialized closure tops like shaker or dispenser for easy pouring.

mini honey jar

Essential oil and aromatherapy

Essential oils, serum products are stored in small glass bottles various in bottles colors like amber, green, blue, clear flint and custom coated containers. Glass bottles with droppers help control the precise dispensing portion.

10ml glass roller bottle

The usage of small capacity glass containers can vary widely based on the specific needs and requirements of different industries and products.

Small capacity glass bottles decorating and labelling

Personalizing your small glass bottles will effectively increase brand value and promote marketing. As custom glass bottle manufacturers, MC Glass bottle company offers various decoration methods cost-effectively.

Silk print

Silk screen printing is one of the most common and affordable printing solution for brand owners. This method is suitable for 1 color or 2 colors custom design. Factory will use environmental ink and print the design on bottle surface directly. When you touch the silk printed bottles, you can feel the raised effect.

Decal printing

If your custom design is full colors printing, decal printing is the ideal solution, which allows all the colors to be printed at one time procedure.

Custom coating

Custom colored glass will give your small glass containers a new and attractive look on shelf, attracting more potential consumers. Place the bottles on a protected surface or in a spray booth and use a spray paint specifically designed for glass.


Label is the most traditional personalization method. For precise andconsistent labeling, specialized labeling machines can be used. This machines automatically apply re-printed labels onto the glass bottles. The labels should be designed to adhere well to glass surface and withstand potential moisture or handing.

How to packing and ship small size glass bottles

When packing and shipping small size glass bottles, it’s crucial to take extra care to ensure their safe transportation and minimize the risk of breakage. To make your small glass bottles and jars safe transportation reducing cost, finding a professioanl glass bottle manufacturer and supplier is important.

Wrap bottle individually

Wrap each glass bottle individually with bubble wrap or tissue paper to provide a protective layer.

Select suitable packaging materials

Proper packaging material help protect glass containers safe. Considering to use bubble wrap, foam inserts, corrugated dividers, or custom-designed bottle holders for shipping.

Place bottles in sturdy boxes

Selecting strong and rigid boxes that can withstand the wight and provide structural support during transit, like the corrugated boxes.

Seal and label the boxes

Seal the boxes securely using high-quality packing tape. Ensure that all seams and openings are properly closed. Label the boxes with handling instructions, for instance “fragile”to alert rough delivery.

Consider double boxing

In order to add protection, especially for high-valued glass bottles, double boxing is ideal.

Caps lids and accessory for small capacity Containers

There are various types of caps, lids, and accessories available for small capacity containers. The specific options you choose may depend on factors such as the container type, intended use, and personal preferences.

Screw caps

Screw tops are widely used for sealing small glass bottles. You have various options when choosing screw caps, like materials, colors, tamper-evident caps, and child-resistant tops.


Corks are traditional closures for liquor, spirits and wine. They provide an airtight seal and can lend a classic or rustic aesthetic to the packaging.


Flip top caps, also know as swing top, clip top or snap caps, are commonly used for fizzy drinks, water, and food storage jars.


Droppers are widely used in small glass bottles for essential oils, medicines, and skincare products that require precise dispensing.

Pump tops

Pumps are diverse in styles specific for different contents. Small glass bottle with pump tops are often used for hand sanitizers, lotions or serum. Spray pump are specially designed for perfumes, cleaning soap.

Lids with shakers

Those small glass containers with shaker tops are ideal for spices, seasoning, salt, and powder.

Customized cap and closure

Depending on the specific product and branding requirements, you can choose customized accessories such as hand tags, ribbons and others.

Small liquor bottle

When it comes to small glass bottles for liquor, the “miniature” always appear on the list. The capacity of miniature liquor bottles may vary, but they are generally in the range of 50 ml to 100 ml mini liquor bottles.


Miniature liquor bottle

miniature bottles

miniature liquor bottle offer many advantages as following


The small sizes liquor bottles are suitable for travel, events where a standard 750ml glass bottle is not impractical.

Sampling and variety

For new liquor or spirit launching, the miniature bottles allow your consumers to enjoy different tastes and help your liquor successful launching.

Gifts and collections

Mini liquor bottles are popular for gifts, especially in sets or assortments. People may collect the small glass bottles for their unique designs, limited editions.


If you want to try a new taste of liquor and don’t want to buy a full-sized bottled liquor, small glass liquor bottles provide a more affordable option.

Miniature liquor bottles often feature the same design elements as their larger counter parts, including branding, labels and closures. The specific shape and design can vary based on the brand or manufacturer, but they are typically scaled-down versions of the regular bottle.


Small bottles are jars are found in daily life for cosmetic and personal care to pack facial oil, nail oil with dropper and mist. Some small capacity containers are used for sample liquor, juice and milk for people to taste the new product when lauching. Contact your expert custom glass bottle manufacturer to design your own beautiful bottles now.