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The Application of Swing Top Bottles and Jars

Swing top bottles and jars with combination aesthetic appeal and affective visual design are a popular type of glass packaging that features a swing top lid with a rubber gasket to provide an airtight seal. Flit glass swing top bottles are used for first class spirits liquor and premium water packaging. These bottles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and have many applications across a range of industries.

custom swing top bottle

Swing Top Bottles

Swing top glass bottles are available in different standard sizes depending on their intended use and volumetric capacity. The most common sizes range from 60ml single-serve bottles to 1-liter large format bottles.

Sizes Of Glass Swing Top Bottles

The small 200ml swing top bottles are commonly used for mini liquor and spirits as well as gourmet sauces, vinegar, and oils. The 250ml and 375ml sizes are popular for individual craft beer servings as well as some spirits and flavored drinks.

Larger 750ml and 1-liter swing tops are frequently used for vodka, rum, wines, ciders, kombucha, cold brew coffee, and even meal replacement drinks. For the highest volume needs, 1.5 liter to 2 liter bottles can also be sourced. Custom odd sizes for specific branding and product attributes are also available.

Usages Application Of Swing Top Bottles

Due to their eye-catching appearance and secure seal, glass swing top bottles have become a top choice for artisanal food and beverages across many categories wanting to convey quality and sophistication.

Swing Top Bottles For Liquor And Spirits

swing top bottles for liquor

The swing top sealing mechanism provides the airtight environment many high-end spirits require for preserving aromas and preventing oxidation. The striking look of swing top bottles allows distillers and liquor brands to stand out on crowded bar shelves.

Many gin, rum, whiskey, vodka, and liqueur producers opt for custom swing top bottles in sizes ranging from 50ml tasting bottles up to 750ml full formats. The transparency of the glass shows off the alluring color tones of barrel-aged sipping spirits. For clear spirits, manufacturers can embed decorative elements within the glass, like logos, textures, floating images, and gradient color effects.

Swing Top Glass Bottles For Water And Sparking Water

Natural spring water, artesian water, and sparkling water beverages benefit greatly from swing-top packaging. The bottles provide excellent CO2 retention critical for maintaining carbonation levels in effervescent drinks. The airtight seal also protects the purity and mineral content of premium bottled water intended for export and distribution to hotels, restaurants, resorts, spas, and other hospitality venues.

Amber Glass Swing Top Bottles For Beer Packaging

1 litre swing top bottle

While transparent swing tops have become popular for craft beer sampling and special releases, amber glass bottles better protect the stability and longevity of beers intended for distribution and longer shelf lives.

The UV filtering properties of amber glass prevent damage from light exposure allowing quality ingredients like hops and malt to retain flavor and aroma for a more consistent drinking experience. Swing tops in common beer sizes – 250ml, 375ml and 750ml formats – enable scaling production from small batch prototypes through wider product launches.

Shapes Of Swing Top Bottles

bottles with flip top

In addition to traditional round bottle contouring, swing top vessels can be produced in alternative shapes like squares and flasks that further accentuate stand-out labeling and branding.


custom swingtop bottles 1 litre

Round swing tops promote easy handling and pouring. Curved surfaces provide ample front and back label real estate for vivid illustrations, bold logos, and eye-catching designs. Rounded vessels easily convey viscous products like sauces, oils, spirits and thick fruit beverages.


swing top bottles square

The squared off surfaces of glass square bottles enable full body wrap images to adorn all four sides if desired. Neat rectangular labels also gain more impact on these flat planes. Stackability makes storage easier as well.

This format suits commercial products where shelf presence and visual differentiation are vital – hot sauces, cocktail mixes, health juices, and nutritional supplements. The weighty feel and angular structure provide a bold statement.


flat swing top bottles

For maximized imprint areas with only two panels, flat swing top bottles known as flasks offer narrowly rectangular fronts and backsides ideal for liquid products intended to travel. Spirits like whiskeys, rums, tequilas, and vodkas kept in bars, bags, chests, and vehicles benefit from the flask design, as do samplers and minis meant for promotions.

Bottle Stopper Of Swing Top Bottles

bottle stopper

Classic swing top bottles feature an elegant yet durable construction with several key components that enable convenient use while preventing leakage and preserving products optimally. These elements include:

  • Glass bottle – handmade or machine-manufactured vessel designed specifically to client specifications. Made from ultra clear, colored, textured, or patterned glass.
  • Swing top lid –top hardware piece containing rubber gasket to create an airtight seal against the rim of the bottleneck. Attaches to neck ring.
  • Neck ring –metal ring grip that secures tightly to the bottleneck while allowing the lid to open/close via attached wire arms. Provides clamping mechanism.
  • Wire arms – bilateral metal arms with a pivot joint in the center, enabling the bottle top to swing 180 degrees horizontally to vertically. Allows lid to flip upright for easy pouring.
  • Clasp – metal closure brace that slides along wire arms to compress them against the neck and hold the lid vertically shut when not in use. Maintains positive seal.

Swing Top Jars

swing top glass jars

Beyond bottle applications, swing top lids lend themselves nicely to glass jars across a spectrum of commercial uses where secure containment, display, and easy access are needed.

Applications Of Swing Top Jars

Core advantages of swing top jars include transparency to showcase contents, extensive branding of real estate, inviolability against tampering, and vacuum seal integrity to protect the freshness of jarred goods.

Glass Kitchen Canisters With Glass Lids

For residential kitchen storage of bulk dry goods like flour, sugars, dried pasta, coffee, tea, and baking ingredients, airtight swing top jars maintain product integrity optimally. Their high clarity displays the volumes remaining constantly. Embossed measurement markings enable easier portioning directly from the jar during recipe preparation.

Premium Raw Honey Packaging Solution

swing top jars honey jars

As an artisanal product often batched seasonally, raw honey depends greatly on the packaging that sustains its delicate enzymatic complexity from farm to table. Amber glass swing top jars block UV rays while trapping the array of healthful phytonutrients that are so sensitive to light and oxygen.

Coffee Beans Or Coffee Powder

Like honey, fresh roasted coffee is vulnerable to UV damage and staling from airflow. Coffee beans sealed in amber swing top jars after small batch roasting retain essential oils for full aroma once ground and brewed. The opaque tint prevents light infiltration while the airtight gasket secures carbon dioxide gases emanating from the beans to further protect flavor.

Sizes And Shapes Of Swing Top Jars

swing top jars

swing top glass jars employ similar dimensional standards to jars with metal screw lids or plastic twist caps but gain distinction through the eye-catching lid closure and crystal clear material composition.

Common shapes include classic round shapes with flat or domed lids as well as straight-sided cylindrical formats. Jars range from miniature 50ml units to mass quantity 4-liter vessels.

Sizes like 125ml, 250ml, and 500ml accommodate jams, jellies, chutneys, pestos, and other gourmet provisions for individual use or gift sets. Larger 750ml to 1-liter jars suit household canister needs for dry goods storage. Commercial use swing top jars also reach up to 4-5 liters for maximum volume handling of inventories behind the scenes.

Benefits Of Swing Top Glass Bottles And Jars

As a glass packaging format that has endured for over a century, swing top bottles and jars offer timeless appeal and functionality, driving modern usage across numerous industries.

Swing Top Provides Co2 Stability For Sparking Mineral Water

The elasticity of the rubber gasket inside swing top lids compresses tightly against jar rims and bottlenecks to entrap carbonation within the water and maintain bubbles. As internal pressure increases from CO2 dissipation, the gasket presses further outward, ensuring venting cannot occur. Premium sparking water retains effervescence and shelf life.

Airtight Sealing

The firm closure created by swing top lids prevents outside air from infiltrating sealed bottles and jars. No leakage transpires, nor can external humidity, gases, or contaminants invade to degrade interior products. Everything from spirits to medicines and perishable foods residing inside remains intact over time.


Unlike screw caps, crown caps, plastic lids, and wrappers, swing tops permit repeated opening and closing without function loss from wear and tear. Only the rubber gasket requires infrequent replacement depending on use frequency. Otherwise, the lid mechanism and sealing performance endure through countless cycles over the years. This reusability suits containers holding staple products bought routinely.

Customization Design and Branding

customised swing top bottles

Few glass packaging systems can rival swing tops for creative appointments tailored around product identities and brand themes. Clients have full reign over designing bottles and jars as display pieces defined by shape, coloration, labeling motifs, decorative touches, and closures styled for individuality. Culinary items, beverages, nutraceuticals, and hospitality goods achieve differentiation.

The striking customization lends prestige and authenticity to artisanal producers and small-batch product developers seeking distinction in competitive markets. Applied markings like logos, insignias, and text further personalize.


Swing top bottles and jars offer timeless appeal across consumer and commercial sectors valued for purity, ecology, and long service life. Their versatility spans liquid products, dry goods, and perishables – always securing freshness through airtight sealing.

Highly customizable aesthetics empower brands to build recognizable visual packaging that captivates audiences, conveys sustainability, and repeatedly delivers intact content safeguarded against degradation. When quality and continuity matter most, glass swing tops provide an elegant solution.