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Top 10 Glass Vodka Bottle Manufacturers

As spirit bottle manufacturers, MC Glass offer the best and safest packaging solution for spirits, vodka, whiskey industries. Glass bottles are 100% natural materials, sustainable, recyclable, safe to our environment and healthy to people. For liquor brand owners of vodka, whiskey, gin, rum and spirits, glass packaging is elegant design, cool touch.  If you are in business of distilled vodka, finding your cool anc chea vodka bottle will set your alcohol outstanding on shelf.

In this article, we will list top 10 vodka glass bottle manufacturers expert in manufaturing quality liquor packaging and design unique liquor bottles.

MC Glass Products Comany

MC glass bottle factory logo

Established in 1992, MC Glass company is leading China glass bottle manufacturer. Thanks to its more than 20 years experience in glass manufacturing industry, MC Glass is expert in developing custom glass bottles for liquor brands of vodka, whiskey, brandy, gin, rum, tequila and spirits. Equipped with modern production facility, skilful frontiers and strict quality inspection rules, this glass bottle supplier takes responsibility for high-end wholesale glass bottles and jars fast delivery.

Specializing in fancy glass bottles for liquor, MC glass wholesale liquor bottles various in shapes, sizes and closure tops. 750ml liquor bottles, 70 cl bottle and custom liquor bottles to exceed your glass expectation. If you are creating a custom bottle project and looking for professional glass bottle manufacturer to bring your bottle design to commercial product, MC customization specialists will make your dream bottles to real life.

Personalization is a powerful tool to build your brand’s loyalty. MC Glass Company knows the expectations of customers from developing glass bottle designs to define your branding recognition. As custom glass bottle manufacturer, this glass factory provides graphic designs with diverse decorations like logo printing, custom coating, frosting, metallic and labeling. Custom designed bottles will increase your brand’s value effectively.

MJS Packaging

MJS Packaging logo

Founded in 1885, MJS Packaging is always regarded as one of the oldest glass bottle suppliers in the USA. The glass company has a long history of developing and manufacturing glass containers, glass jars, glass vials and spirit bottles. Their glass containers are various in shapes, sizes, colors, widely used in different industries, like food and beverage, pharmaceutical sector, and the pets and veterinary service industry.

MJS Packaging is expert in customization services, decorating your glass bottle packaging with special branding.

Cary Company

the cary company logo

The Cary Company was started in 1895, currently with its headquarter in Chicago, IL. This glass bottle factory makes a full range of different size spirit bottles and offer bulk pricing for a more budget-friendly option.

With over one century development, Cary Company has expanded its business greatly. From the initial glass bottle manufacturing industry, the company has enlarged as one of the leading glass bottle manufacturers in US.


logo of OI inc

O-I Glass is one of the world’s most reputable glass bottle manufacturers. Began in 1929, Owens Bottle Machine Corporation merged with the Illinois Glass Company to form O-I Glass. Till today, O-I has been the largest glass bottle manufacturer and takes responsibility for producing more than half of all glass containers used by worldwide clients.

Owning operations and plants in more than 20 countries and regions, O-I Glass manufactures glass packaging containers for food, spirits, beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages and custom glass bottles for liquor brand owners. Till today, O-I has its headquarter in Perrysburg, Ohio, and employs more than 25,000 people throughout 72 plants located in different countries. O-I is proud for its customization and innovation in glass bottle designing. Currently, this glass bottle manufacturer has created lots of special glass bottles unique in shapes, sizes, colors and closures. Their custom models enjoy wide popularity around the packaging industry.

Saxco International

saxco company

Saxco International is headquarted in Concord, California, and has been in operation since 1936. With a long history and development, Saxco International is specialized in liquor bottle manufacturing and wholesale. In order to make your liquor bottles eye-catching on the shelf, they provide a wide range of printing and packaging solutions, which has helped them become one of the country’s top glass liquor bottle manufacturers.

Kaufman Container

Kaufman Container logo

Kaufman Container has been in business since 1910 and now has its headquarter in Clevenland, Ohio. They offer unique glass packaging solution along with decorative bottle services for custom glass bottles.

Owning facilities more than 225,000 square foot, Kaufman Container is famous for its wide catalog of packaging solutions. Apart from glass bottles and jars, this company also provides plastic containers and suitable cap closures. If you are in liquor or spirit business in US, and looking for some cool vodka bottles for your alcohol, take Kaufman Container into consideration.

This glass company supply flint clear glass bottles for vodka liquor, various in sizes and shapes. They are specialized in custom printing and labeling to ensure your liquor products different on the shelf.


Grupo Vitro

Vitro is a Mexican glass bottle manufacturer that provides its clients with innovative glass bottle designs. The company offers glass packaging containers for beverages, food, and industrial applications. Founded in 1909 in Monterrey, Mexico, Vitro has become the largest glass bottle supplier in Mexico. The company also boats 30 subsidiaries, including locations in Brazil, Bolivia, Columbia, Panama and the United States.

Vitro is known for using a proprietary formula that relies on rave, virgin materials in order to create high-quality crystalline glass for exclusive liquor brands. Vitro is able to provide its customers with one kind of solution that helps ensure top brand recognition while lowering overall costs.

Gallo Glass Company

Gallo Glass logo

Established in 1958, Gallo Glass Company was initially a family-owned packaging company. As an professional glass bottle manufacturer in the United States, Gallo Glass Company is located in Modesto, California, employing more than 1200 people. This glass bottle factory is specialized in manufacturing glass bottles for wine and spirits distilleries.

Focusing on environmental impact, Gallo Glass Company boats state-of-art techniques and processes that are designed to reduce emission. The glass bottle supplier have continued to demonstrate a commitment to delivering high-quality glass products and services to the beverage industry.

Ardagh Group

log of Ardaghgroup

Established in 1932, Ardagh group was started in Dublin. Originally, its name was Irish Glass Bottle Company, and then changed its name into Ardagh Group. This company is a global supplier of sustainable, infinitely recyclable, metal and glass packaging for brand owners. Currently, Ardagh group also owns two of the oldest glass container plants in North America.

Ardagh Group pays attention to environmental and sustainable development, making high-end glass bottles for liquor, vodka brands. They take advantages in creation and innovation to supply best glass containers for brand owners. For example, the company is vodka bottle manufacturer for Absolut Vodka and help the brand become the first to use a partly hydrogen energy-fired glass furnace.

Stoelzle Glass Group

Stoelzle Glass Group logo

Stoelzle Glass Group is a family-owned and operated glass manufacturer in Köflach, Stmk. Austria. They have six additional plants across Europe and one in the US. The Group has been in operation for over 200 years and provides glass bottles to a variety of different industries including pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food and beverage.

Its products include wine bottles, liquor bottles, and storage containers. Stoelzle specializes in designing new packaging concepts and creating customized design labels for their products per customers’ requests.


Saverglass logo

Saverglass is headquartered in Feuquières, France, with additional offices in Louisville, Kentucky and Napa, California. The company began in 1897 and specializes in providing premium and super-premium brands with decorative and customized glass bottles. It also works with champagne, fine wine, and gourmet food brands. If you’re looking for a quick, cheap, and easy way to get a personalized alcohol beverage into your bar or restaurant (and hand over a top dollar in sales!), it’s worth looking into personalized liquor bottles.

United Bottles and Packaging

united bottles & Packaging

United Bottles and Packaging works with brands throughout the US, Canada and Europe. It is headquartered in Laval, Quebec and they offer a full range of services, from custom molds and transport and logistics to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage brands.


Glass bottles are the perfect packaging for your liquor, spirits and alcohol. Fancy glass liquor bottles are your brand’s signature, differing your alcohol from competitors and achieving a better sales. MC Glass wholesale glass vodka bottles 750ml, 700ml, 375ml, mini liquor bottles for sale. As custom glass bottle manufacturers, this liquor bottle manufacturer specializes in creating custom glass bottles for liquor packaging.