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Top 5 Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Tanzania

When it comes to storing containers, there are main 3 types of packaging including glass, plastic and metal. Comparing those 3 packaging materials, glass container is the best choice. Because people are becoming more and more aware of the health benefits of using glass container bottles. Glass is made from natural material, not leaching chemicals to the liquids or food inside bottles. Therefore, they are safe packaging. Nowadays, governments have endeavored to protect the environment and strive to a sustainable development. Choosing glass is friendly to our planet. Because glass bottles are recycled. They can be recycled over and over again. Are you looking for the high-quality glass bottle manufacture? In this article, we have collected and listed top five glass bottle manufactures in Tanzania.

MC Glass Bottle Product Company

logo of MC Glass Products Company Establishment: 1992 Location: China Company Nature: Manufacture, Wholesale, Exporter Employees: 200-250 employees Output Bottle per Day: 300,000pcs Main Exporting Market: USD, Canada, UK, Middle-East area, South-east area, South Africa etc Myeasyglass, located in Xuzhou city, Jiangsu Province, China, the main industrial park of glass products in China. Since year of 1992, myeasyglass company has been involved in glass manufacturing business. This factory has a rich history in glass bottle making and distribution market. Throughout the years they have built an experienced team, from the beginning of glass material, producing stage, to assembling process, as well as packaging stage. They have professional and strict quality system, ensuring all your bottles are qualified. In order to catering the various demands from different clients, Myeasyglass company do custom shaped glass bottles and jars, having its own drawing team, mold department. Also, they do brand decorations like silkscreen, labels, and so on. Customer-orientation, cost-effective, fast-delivery, are the principles that they are always striving to.


Photo of KIOO company (Source: Photoed by Greg Morris Glass International Editor in 2019) Kioo employs 600 people and supplies glass containers to 12 countries on the African continent, as well as to countries in the Indian Ocean. Glass containers account for 90 percent of beverage packaging in sub-Saharan Africa. Kioo has committed to reducing its environmental impact by installing energy-efficient equipment at its factory in Dar es Salaam, including more efficient production systems. Kioo Limited, located at 180 Saza Road, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, is currently the biggest glass bottle manufacture. Around 60 percentage of its production is exported around East Africa, owning great reputation in East Africa, taking the main glass product market there. Only 40 percentage of its production is consumed domestically, meeting the demands of Tanzania. The score of Kioo’s business is wide, not only limit to glass containers for daily usages, but also expert in producing protecting glass. The glass bottles are mainly designed for use in industries that deal with soft drinks, pharmaceutical products, food, beer brewery, perfumes, cosmetic bottles and jars, as well as glass container bottles for beverages, spirit liquors. Kioo is now the top glass bottle manufacture, playing an important and necessary role in promoting the whole glass business in Tanzania. Of course, this company has many distributors wholesales throughout Tanzania. When it coming to glass bottle manufactures in Tanzania, Kioo is the one can’t be ignored.

Saleh Bhai Glass Industries Limited

Salehbhai Glass Industries Ltd. Saleh Bhai Glass Industries Limited is located in Agree Street, Dar As Salaam, which is close to the well-know Yusufali Brothers and Golden Plaza building. Established in 1954, this company started as a small glass industry, supplying small batch of products. With a rich and long history more than 60 years, Saleh Bhai Glass Industries Limited developed rapidly, growing as one of the top glass bottle manufacturers in Tanzania. Saleh Bhai Glass Industries Limited, involved in a vast business, including glass bottles and jars as daily glass containers, as well as glass products for buildings. It does well in producing stong glass doors, glass windows and a plenty of relative products, playing an important role in the glass market in Tanzania. This company is famous for its customized glass products. Saleh Bhai Glass Industries Limited is expert in supplying glass containers as well as building glass products as custom requirements, which have attracted many clients who want special unique glass products not only in Tanzania, but also throughout those countries around.

MMI Tanzania

MMI Tanzania is Tanzania’s premier wine merchant and spirits specialist, serving both the Tanzania on-trade and general public alike. This company is located in Oyster Bay, at Haile Selassie Road. MMI Tanzania is mainly designed as a warehouse, storing a variety of wines over 500 styles, Champagnes, Spirits, Liquors such as vodka, Gin, Rum, Whiskey, and beers, as well as alcoholic juice beverages. At MMI Tanzania, you are sure to find something special. The MMI tea combine local expertise with international drinks trade experience and are always on hand to assist with your retail and trade inquiries. They are professional in controlling temperature and humidity, as a result in supplying the wines and liquors with perfect tastes. Furthermore, MMI Tanzania produce high-quality glass container bottles. Normally those glass containers are special for spirits and wines package. It is very easy for your to get the final products, not only the liquor drinks, but also the correct glass packaging.

A One Products and Bottles Limited

A One Products and Bottles Limited is located in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. This is a private company which belongs to the Glass and Glass product Manufacturing Industry. A One Products and Bottles Limited has over 20 employees across all of its locations and generates $3.46 million in sales (Employees and Sales figures are modelled). This company is specialized in manufacturing glass bottles of Amber color, which are widely used for beer brewery drinks. Mainly, it produces glass container bottles for beverage industry, food packaging industry, as well as glass containers used as household items. In A One Products and Bottles Limited, you will find any bottles you have seen in the packaging market, but seldom new styles or custom mold bottles. Because this company normally focuses on antique traditional types of glass bottles and jars. Therefore, if you are looking for antique glass container bottles, A One Products and Bottles Limited will be the best option available. Apart from glass products, this company also involves in plastic packaging products.

SBC Tanzania

SBC Tanzania Ltd is located in Nyerere Road, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. This company is part of the Beverage Manufacturing Industry. It is a private limited company, having 100 total employees across all of its locations and generates $16.3 million in sales. (Employees and Sales figures are modelled). SBC Tanzania is one of the top soft drinks seller in Tanzania, main business involving on glass container bottles for juice beverages as well as soft drinks such as soda juice. This company is a professional manufacture in producing glass packaging bottles, meanwhile it have many distributors among Tanzania. SBC Tanzania has a experienced team dealing with distribution business. They are friendly, expertise, providing high-quality customer service to all their customers. No matter you are a personal buyer or wholesale buyer, you will enjoy their considerate service. You will be relaxed, and easy to find the glass container bottles that you are looking for since the professional team of SBC Tanzania will answer your questions about bottles, for example bottle size, sealing method, filling method an so on.


In Tanzania, there are many glass bottle manufactures, as well as wholesale supplier in daily glass container bottles. Also they provide building glass products like windows, doors and more. To get high-end glass products, satisfied customer service, these top five glass bottle manufactures above will be your better options.
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