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Top Seven Glass bottle manufacturers in European

 Are you looking for the European glass bottle manufacturer for your commercial and special business? This article will list top seven key players in Europe glass bottle and container market, with those players engaged in different market segmentations including liquor, beer, soft drinks, milk, water, wine, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other end-user industries.

The Europe Glass Bottles and Containers Market is growing at a CAGR of 4.18% over the next 5 years. Customers are shifting towards sustainable, non-toxic ingredients so glass bottle industry is increasing. The trend of customization is also growing in the region, with demand for unique glass bottle increasing.


1. MC Glass Company

myeasyglass China glass bottle manufacturer

Nature of Business: Manufacturer, Wholesale

Additional Business: Exporter, Trader

Total Number of Employees: 150 to 200 People

Year of Establishment: 1992

Output bottles per day: 300,000pcs

Top Export Countries: USA, Canada, UAE, United Kingdom, and Sri Lanka

MC glass factory was founded in 1992, owning over 20 years experience in glass bottle industry. Currently, it is one of the leading China glass bottle manufacturers. Their factory is located in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, the main glass production center in China. MC glass company sites over 30,000 square meters including in house design studio, mold warehouse and finished products warehouse. Focusing on sustainable development, they use natural gas as power for glass manufacturing, which will reduce the emission of CO2 and effectively protect our environment in a better way. With output over 300,000pcs each day, MC glass factory have enough warehouse of glass bottles and jars at cost-effectively and fast-delivery. Now this company provides lightweight glass bottles which will efficiently lower the transportation cost. 

Apart from the huge range of stocked glass bottles and jars, MC glass can make custom glass bottle as per client’s design or draft ideas. They have experts ready to listen to client’s need together with production experience to achieve the real glass bottles. Myeasyglass can make custom glass bottle as per client’s design or draft ideas. They have experts ready to listen to client’s need together with production experience to achieve the real bottles. What’s more, they can provide various brand decors, including printing, decorations, frosting, painting and other. Personalized gift box is available for your specific product packaging. 

2. Stoelzle Glass Group

logo of Stoelzle glass group

Stoelzle glass group was founded in 1805, owning a long history over 200 hundred years in glass industry. Located in Austria, the company produces glass bottles and jars for various industries, including glass packaging for cosmetics and beauty, pharmaceutical and medical laboratory, food and beverages and other. 

This glass company is an international glass bottle suppliers, having many branch offices in different countries. Cusrrently, Stoelzle has 2800 employees offering glass packaging solutions to local customers as well as customers from all over the world.  Throughout longtime development, Stoelzle has expanded its glass catalogs, also streamline its manufacturing capabilities. The company not only produces glass bottles, but also design, customize, decorate glass packaging to meet customer’s requirements. 

3. Verallia

logo of Verallia

Verallia was founded in 1872, located in Courbevoie, France. This glass bottle manufacturer produces glass containers mainly for food and beverage industries. Verallia is also regarded as an international glass bottle supplier, providing lager quantity of glass packaging both for local market and wordwide markets. This company has 32 glass production plants, five technical centers, three decor facilities, and eight cullet processing centers in 11 countries and over 10,000 employees working in glass manufacturing service for their global clients. 

This company do a lot efforts in sustainable development, like increasing recycled glass for new production, using clean energy, manufacturing lightweight glass products. They focus on eco-friendly production. 

4. Aedagh Group

log of Ardaghgroup

The famous Ardagh group was founded in 1932, located in Dublin, Ireland. Today, the company’s headquarters is based in Luxembourg. Ardagh group is a leading glass bottle manufacturer in Ireland, with standard glass products over 6000 styles different in shapes, colors, sizes and cap closures. Also, this company is a global glass bottle supplier, having more than 57 production facilities in 12 countries, employing over 16,000 people from different countries, creating many job opportunities. 

Aedagh group produces glass bottles and jars for sofe drinks, wine, spirits, cider, food and beer industies. Aside from those stocked glass products, they design new glass packaging, custom bottle for specific paroduct according customer’s needs. What’s more, the company are able to decorate your glass bottles with different methods. 

5. Aedagh Group

logo of Nova-Pack

Nova-pack is a glass bottle manufacturer based in Denmark, producting glass containers and supplying packaging solutions to the food and beverage sector. The company joined hands strategically with two glass packaging companies, the German C.E. and the Belgium Gaasch Packaging, with headquarters located in Hamburg and near Brussels, respectively. According to Nova-pack, the partnership will further develop its product and service range and offer improced, innovative, and environmentally-friendly solutions to its customers. 

The company offers a wide options for customers. Clients can choose their glass products from sizes, shapes, and colors. Also, custom designed glass bottle is one of their advantages, personalized glass packaging for specific requests. 

6. Vetropack

logo of Vetorpack

Vetropack was established in 1911, owning a history more than 100 years. This is a family-managed glass bottle factory, with its headquarters in Switzerland and branches in 7 countries in Europe. Currently, Vetropack has a workfore of 4000 employees doing glass bottle manufacturing, selling and distributing.This glass factory claims that they have glass containers in around 2500 shapes. Their glass products are produced mainly for the food and beverage industry, varying in sizes, shapes, colors, as well as neck types. 

In addition, Vetropack is able to design custom glass bottles according customer’s design concepts. Also they offer many other services including brand designs, individual decorations, logistics and more. 



Blueglass is a Swedish glass bottle manufacturer which was established in Stockholm in 2002, owing a history of 20 years. They produce glass packaging for all industries like glass bottles and jars for food storage, beverage drinks, perfumery, cosmetics, and beer packaging. Their glass packaging catalog features a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and neck-finish. With years development, this company has expanded into a global glass bottle supplier today, manufacturing glass bottles not only for local industries but also worldwide customers. 

Blueglass is professional in customizing glass bottles as specific requests. They custom glass bottles in shapes, colors, sizes, and neck style, adding embossed logo or debossed logo features.

In Conclusion

European is one of the large market of glass bottle and container industry, making custom glass bottle for many sectors. 

MC Glass Bottle Company is the China glass bottle factory. know-how with manufacturing and combines its custom ability satisfying clients’ expectation in high quality, exclusive design, and rapid logistics service.

There are trends of sustainable package. Chose glass bottle will be a future way and future lifestyle.


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