We Can Make Custom Glass Bottles

MC Company have capacity and experience to make custom glass bottle. Normally we sell bottles in stock, which displayed on the website in addition we can design and open a new mold for a custom glass bottle. We can also print on the surface of glass bottle and make whole bottle printings.

In comparison to our European competitors the cost of developing a unique design and glass packaging with MC Company is significantly less expensive. For example, a set of moulds from reputable glass manufacturers in central Europe is likely to cost from $20 000 to $30 000 US Dollars. An investment that not all brands are prepared and willing to make. For an equivalent set of moulds, you will pay only $1200 to $2600 US Dollars.

Customized design is the best way to distinguish your brand. Exclusive design makes your brand stand out among the infinite number of other products on the shelf. With a custom bottle, many characteristics of your brand can be conveyed at just one short glance: elegance, luxury, exclusivity, complexity, tradition and quality.

If you have a project and would like to make custom glass bottles, Normally the process will be

  1. based on client’s technical drawing or a physical glass bottle
  2. providing the mold drawing for client’s approval
  3. print 3D sample (not must need extra charges)
  4. opening mold to make the sample
  5. after sample approval, start mass production.

For many years MC Company has been specializing in production of exclusive custom made bottles. Our engineers and technicians located in Shandong and Jiangsu China closely supervise all steps of the production process, guaranteeing high quality of finished products with no defects, at a low cost, due to China based manufacturing.

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