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Why Some Package Should Consider to be Glass Bottle and Glass Containers

Re-packaging your products to find glass bottle manufacturers

When you are in the research and development stage of your business, or you have launched a product, or you are considering re-branding for expansion, you can decide to find glass bottle manufacturer  and choose glass containers as the package way to build a brand image and freshen things up.

Packaging decisions are never easy to make. Compared custom glass bottles, plastic packaging is more affordable because the weight is lighter so the logistic cost should be cheaper in transportation process. While these considerations are important, there are many other reasons why glass packaging is worth the higher price point. Many reasons have been given as to why the beverages, condiments, juices, oils, salad dressings, jams, syrup in glass is “superior,” including that it tastes better, more sustainable, and is eco-friendly.

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Some of the industries that have been proven to benefit exceptionally from adopting glass packaging include those who are manufacturing soda water, milk, juices, oils, sauce, honey, cold brew coffee and vodka etc. These industries can partially attribute their success to the packaging of their product, and they have an excellent understanding aligns with them through every stage of the consumer journey. For example, the customers found organic mil always packaged in glass bottles with logo printing while normal milk are packaged with plastic jugs with lower price. From product selection on the shelf, to the use, storage, and display of the product at home, it is essential to think about how your product will resonate with your target audience. While it is important to stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of your product and understand who your loyal customers are when determining the packaging choices, you make for your product, here are few more reasons that your business should consider packaging your products in glass bottles and containers.

Glass can reduce contaminants and maintain taste

As a food and beverage packaging option, glass is considered “GRAS” (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA is a useful reference for packaging as it provides educational information, databases and listings related to food allergens, ingredients, food and color additives, and GRAS substances.

Glass does not contain harmful chemicals, which means that they will not be released into your food or beverage product. Glass is also a non-porous material, meaning that with proper sterilization, your product will maintain its taste and flavor. Remember, a high-quality product will attract a high-quality customer who is willing to pay a premium. For example, dairy farmers like Straus Creamery are strong advocates of packaging their product in glass milk bottles.

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Sometimes, glass bottling is not just a marketing or branding strategy, it is just another example of our dedication to tradition, sustainability, and production of high-quality product.


The decision to package in glass goes beyond looking and tasting good. When we consider some of the largest industries for glass packaging, science plays a large part in ensuring that this is the right decision for your product.

Manufacturers of dips and sauces will often fill their packaging at very hot temperatures. This is done to sterilize the container and its contents during the filling process, limiting the number of steps required in the process as there is now no need for separate sterilization beforehand. For this reason, manufacturers prefer solid glass packaging that can withstand hot temperatures and will not melt when filled.

Moisture maintenance is critical for sugary products like honey and syrup. We have all witnessed this before – a bag of sugar that has been affected by humidity will turn into a solid brick if not packaged properly and honey will develop a layer of crystals along its top layer. If water is introduced, you can ferment the contents; remove the moisture completely and you can end up with crystallization. Manufacturers often prefer impermeable glass to keep these products at the ideal moisture level.

Packaging also has the ability to affect the aroma compounds of the product inside. For example – the smell of extra virgin olive oil can be present naturally or it can be acquired through oxidative degradation under the most appropriate temperature, light, and oxygen availability. Please review our blog about Olive oil glass bottles.

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Why are there so many different options when it comes to glass colour and transparency? The variations in glass color can protect light-sensitive contents, extending shelf life and maintaining the quality of the product while still allowing the customer to see the product through the packaging.

Glass is reusable

The life of most plastic packaging is over almost immediately after the product is used or consumed, which is why making reusable glass packaging part of your business model should be front of mind.

Purchasing glass bottles and containers is a smart alternative because they can be safely reused with some basic cleaning methods. Businesses are starting to implement bottle return programs and even offer an incentive to customers who do so. Stanpac can provide your business with glass bottle cleaning machines, which may be purchased and delivered directly to your business.

Have some fun with the design of the packaging – this is your chance to get creative! Many glass companies have a collection of stock designs to choose from to make your brand come to life. Custom molds are available if you’d like to take your packaging to the next level, however this does require purchasing a significant quantity which can become a substantial investment.

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The design of your bottle or container should be something that your customers will want to reuse in their homes. If they enjoyed your product, had a great experience, and see your packaging on a frequent basis, the more likely they are to be a regular consumer of your product.

There are many businesses, including breweries, juiceries, dairy farms, and more, who have already moved to a more sustainable, reusable packaging. Bulk and zero-waste stores like Bulk Barn are now selling branded jars for those who prefer to not use plastic bags. In this case, glass bottles and jars become a new revenue stream and because the jars are branded, it keeps you top-of-mind.


People understand that their purchasing decisions affect the environment and have started to incorporate more sustainable purchasing patterns into their daily lives. Taking measures to ensure that you are doing your part for the environment is important for every business and will lead to a larger, more loyal consumer base.

A study by Cone Communications, found that 91% of global consumers expect companies to operate responsibly and make efforts to address environmental concerns. Research also shows that 84% of shoppers seek out environmentally responsible products whenever possible.

In addition to doing your part for the environment, a study of US consumer attitudes and behaviors has shown that the marriage of health and environmental responsibility is becoming significantly more important. Studies show that 71% of grocery shoppers, ages 18 to 65 years, agree that products with a healthier ingredient list should be using packaging materials that are equally as important. Glass and paper are perceived as the healthiest, with Styrofoam and plastic considered the least healthy.

“Consumers are turning their attention to clean label products that also offer ‘clean’ packaging. They’re wanting brands to think about their packaging as an extension of their healthy ingredient list and eco-friendly brand equities,” states EcoFocus Worldwide Founder, Linda Gilbert.

Benefits of attracting higher end Consumers

It is no secret that appropriate pricing is an important part of running a successful business. Setting a premium price for your product gives you the ability to target your ideal market and control the amount of money coming into your business. For this reason, it is crucial to be setting the right prices from the get-go.

Glass packaging unquestionably comes with a higher price point than the alternatives. There is no need to worry, though. Your business stands behind your product and is prepared to speak to its quality and craftsmanship, and now that you are armed with all the information from above, the price point at which your product is listed will surely attract your ideal customer.

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In a saturated market, a higher or premium price point will give your product a competitive advantage and deter competitors. When similar businesses are forced to sell their products at lower prices than yours, it gives the consumer the perception that the products of your competitors are of lesser quality than yours. A premium price will position your product and your company as the best in the field.