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MC Glass manufacture and wholesale wine bottles on demand shape. China wine bottle supplier provides quality burgundy glass bottles multiple colors including French green, antique green, dead leaf green, amber wine bottle, clear bottle, special blue bottles for wine. Also we make custom frosted wine bottles for wine brand owners. Cheap small mini wine bottle 187ml bulk, and standard 750ml wine bottles for sale from glass factory in China. 

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how to order wine bottle from us

step 1

Contact our sales and send your inquiry on detailed wine bottle size, color, ordering numbers.

step 2

Wholesale bulk orders on existing wine bottle styles, we have enough stock.

Step 3

Custom wine bottle designed on requirement, no matter need producing molding or decoration.

wine bottle size

Green wine bottle size from 187ml, 375ml, 750ml and 1000ml. Among them 750ml wine bottle is the best selling. Custom printing for black 750ml bottles with matt or shining surface will boost your branding.

bottle color

Wholesale Bordeaux wine bottle, Burgundy wine bottle and Hock wine bottles in antique green, Champagne green , French green, dead leaf green, amber, clear and cobalt bule color. Customised special wine bottles are factory manufactured.

Package meathods

Supplying wholesale green wine bottles in heavy duty cartons with pallets can get lower damage rate during transportation. For large scale mass production with full container's loading choose directly pallets way.

Bottle closure

Natural cork closure can make wine taste better. While screw metal cap is easy to operate for fruit flavor wine liquor. Red, golden sleeves and customised color sleeve gums with inner liners on sale. We feature decorate and label service.

supply wholesale wine bottle by industries

Well equipped with large scale production capacity, wholesale clients can get benifits on low cost with premium quality assurance, consistant quality, carefully packaging, technical support and powerful after-sale service.

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The standard is cork finish. Crown top for Champagne. Screw cap finish also popular.

Wine bottle bottom is called heel, punt or knurling. The numbers displayed in knurling is wine bottle mold cavity number which is useful for quality control tracking.

Choose the color, dark color can protect wine from too much light during aging. While flint color can show the wine real color. Choose the size. Typically, wines are bottled in 750ml bottles. Choose overall look, packaging cost and the lable wrapped.

First, brainstorm new ideas, creative thoughts emerge into brands on portfolio wine bottle shape, color, size and closure.

Second, working on multiple versions with goal to catch the eye using different textures for foils, brand name or image.

Finally, design the lable or decoration artworks and deliver the creative inspiration.

MC glass are wine glass bottle exporters with 20 years experience seeing the new trends on custom glass packaging for wine bottles. Screw finish, large volumn 1.5L antique green color, mini wine bottles are strongly on demonds due to Port Wine popular.

Sorce wine bottle from a real glass bottle manufacturer