MC glass bottle is among the most top reliable glass bottle manufacturers in China, wholesale coffee glass bottles.

Glass bottle is safe and capable to make coffee taste better while preserving the original flavor. It will be easy to choose a suitable glass container for cold brew coffee in our wide range glass bottle collection. Flat glass bottle, most popular size 200ml, 250ml and 350ml. Flask and disc bottle with metal airtight screw cap or corks can match the coffee’s quality, size from 100ml to 500ml. Some clients like Boston round glass bottle ranging from 8oz to 32oz with clear or amber color.

When need a logo to make your brand standing out, we can print directly on the bottle surface.

MC glass bottle is also a custom glass bottle manufacturer in China. If you need a glass bottle or jar to contain the coffee beans, just forward your idea. We have professional design team and in-house molding factory. We will provide free samples before mass production.