MC Glass 1 liter glass bottle wholesale, supply olive oil bottle, manufacture and wholesale green Olive oil bottles with cork, selling small Olive oil bottles bulk. We manufacture glass bottle for Olive oil, essential oil, liquor bottles, liter glass bottle and glass jar.

MC Glass produce vintage Dorica and Marasca green Olive oil bottle for over 20 years. Square and round green bottles are for Olive oil packaging bottles.

The oil bottles are from strong, amber, or dark green glass available in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1 liter capacity. The metal twist off lid usually accompanies oil glass bottles complete their superior finish. Each bottle comes with a pouring insert the creates an airtight seal. We also supply tamper evident plastic cap with pourer operated by hand no need to seal the cap by machine.

We wholesale wide selection of glass bottles, supply liter glass bottle, clear oil glass bottles for your great flexibility and versatility oil types. We offer discounts when you buy Olive oil bottle with cork in large quantities.

Olive oil is valuable and rare cooking oil. Glass bottles are impermeable, the optimal material for preserving Olive oil flavors. Dark green, amber, or brown glass bottle can keep the light away to make sure the Olive oil taste the best when they reach the consumer. So, glass bottle in dark color is the best way to package Olive oils.